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Long sleeve t-shirts

Personalise long sleeve T-shirts with your brand

Design your T-shirts online with freedom, choose from the best long sleeve T-shirt models.

Organic t-shirts

100% organic cotton sleeve t-shirts, from sustainable plantations that are free of pesticides and chemical products.
They're easy to design — Camaloon

They're easy to design

Yourcuston long sleeve shirts will be ready in just a few clicks thanks to our online tool.

Fast delivery — Camaloon

Fast delivery

Choose the delivery option that best suits your requirements.

Large quantities — Camaloon

Large quantities

We're offering the best prices for your wholesale branded long sleeve shirts orders.

All colours — Camaloon

All colours

You have the full spectrum of colours available to create your sleeve t-shirts.

Printing — Camaloon


We use DTG or silk-screen printing according to the size and colours of your design. Not to mention, you have different printing areas that adapt to all of your ideas.

Score points with your clients with your personalised long sleeve t-shirts

Are you thinking about buying personalised t-shirts to promote your company and increase sales? Well play it safe with long sleeve t-shirts. The models we offer at Camaloon are made from light materials that keep the body at a perfect temperature. You can personalise long sleeve t-shirts and use them for promotions all year long.

If you want to order wholesale custom t-shirts, you will get the most advantageous price and stay within your budget with the best print quality available.

Choose your long sleeve t-shirts and personalise them online

Make an order of long sleeve t shirts + personalised online printing, in only a few steps:

  1. Choose a model and colour
  2. Using our online tool, you'll be able to:
  • Choose the number of long sleeve t shirts you want to print with each design
  • Upload your own design and adapt it or combine it with corporate elements with our personalisation options

Sounds simple right? Because you can count on your own promotional t-shirts to promote your business at events, comercial fairs, and to create a line of garments that will create a feeling of inclusion between employees and clients. Design your long sleeve t-shirts and why not take advantage of your creativity and design other promotional products that will compliement your personalised long sleeve t-shirts perfectly.