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Long sleeve t-shirts

Create personalised sleeve t-shirts

Boost your business with top quality T-shirts and the most trendy cuts.

Organic t-shirts

100% organic cotton sleeve t-shirts, from sustainable plantations that are free of pesticides and chemical products.
Easy - Camaloon


Everything you need for creating your personalised t-shirts in just a few moments.

Fast delivery - Camaloon

Fast delivery

With the Express service, you'll get your personalised t-shirts in record time.

Large quantities - Camaloon

Large quantities

The best prices for large orders. Request your quote and in an hour you'll have your customized plan.

All colours - Camaloon

All colours

You have the full spectrum of colours available to create your sleeve t-shirts.

Printing - Camaloon


We use DTG or silk-screen printing according to the size and colours of your design. Not to mention, you have different printing areas that adapt to all of your ideas.

Every occasion

Print personalised long sleeve T-shirts with your ideas. Create your long sleeve models online. Upload your photos, illustrations or logos. Add text and use our available icons and templates. Any occasion is a good one to give a personalised long sleeve T-shirt: birthdays, holidays or just because you feel like it. In Camaloon you can easily personalise your T-shirts and print them using the latest printing technology. Best quality at the best price. Do not miss our express delivery service to start wearing your new T-shirt as soon as possible.