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Promotional Drawstring Bags are an efficient way to promote your business

Custom drawstring bags are a unique way to support a local sports team, school, church group or summer camp program
Decorate your bag — Camaloon

Decorate your bag

You have templates and icons for every occasion: parties, birthdays, Christmas, professional events and many more.

Style in each word — Camaloon

Style in each word

Your words count for something, write your messages in the most elegant fonts.

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Uber Eats
Panini Comics

drawstring bags with your logo or design

Upload your artwork and it's done

How to make tote bags?

  1. Firstly, we have to choose from a wide range of different styles, materials, sizes, shapes, and colours to find the perfect one to fit our purpose.
  2. Then, by using Camaloon’s online tool, we can upload our logo, designs, images, text, background colours, etc.
  3. When we have finalised the design, it will be ready to print.
  4. Once finished, the design will be evaluated and once it has been printed the outcome will be assessed so we are happy with our products.
  5. Finally, we will receive our custom tote bags and we can start using them immediately.

Camaloon’s easy-to-use online tool means we can design products such as custom tote bags so much easier and quicker with great results.

How can you promote your business with personalised bags?

When you promote with tote bags, people line up to take them off your hands because they are so useful people know they will use them for years and years. Due to how easy they are to design on our website and their affordability, they are an essential promotional item that can be bought in bulk to always have them ready to take to events. We love the idea of reducing our carbon footprint, and one way of doing this is by reducing the amount of items made from plastic, therefore, we have created a range of organic canvas bags. There is no better publicity than that which promotes the use of eco-friendly materials. Let us help get people carrying around your logo and brand all over town on eco-friendly organic cotton, and jute bags.

At Camaloon we have a huge team of experts from all over the globe working together to produce the best possible experience and results for our clients. We offer an extensive variety of personalisable items so you and your company can benefit from any promotional activity. Take a look at our advanced printing technology which creates personalised vinyl stickers of the highest quality so your brand will stick in your client’s head. Our advanced DTG and screen printing techniques can also be used to create beautifully designed T-shirts with whatever design you see fit to support your brand. If you want to order a large bulk order of T-shirts we recommend selecting the screen printing technique. Whether your company is participating in an event or sponsoring a conference, personalised notebooks are a fantastic way of spreading your company’s image and name; and with our simple-to-use online design tool and our free design review service, we will make sure you are more than satisfied with the end result.