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Screen printing

What you need to know about screen printing

Do you want to know what screen printing is and for which items it is the most suitable technique?

Characteristics of screen printing | Camaloon

Characteristics of screen printing

It is a printing technique that has evolved technologically in over a hundred years, but the basis is the same: to reproduce your design or image on any material, an ink is transferred by pressing through a mesh stretched in a frame. Where there is no image, the passage of ink will be blocked by a varnish. One ink and one mesh is always used per colour, for a limited number of colours. It is a repetitive printing system, so you can reproduce the design even thousands of times without losing definition.

Screen print your items in bulk | Camaloon

Screen print your items in bulk

If you want to make a large order of personalised items with your logo, phrases or simple graphic designs, silkscreen printing can produce large quantities and remain at very economical prices. And with precise and long-lasting print quality. We use different mesh materials and inks of different composition to apply screen printing to different items dependent on their composition, shape and printing area (e.g. textile garments, magnets, cups, etc.).

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What can you print for your brand with screen printing?

Three of the many items you can personalise to sell or promote your company

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What is screen printing?

The term refers to the process by which a material is stamped using ink and a technical mesh, which function as printing moulds. You can print in silkscreen on almost any surface,** from fabrics (and thus create, for example, your personalised T-shirts) to paper (notebooks), through to ceramics (cups) and metal (USB sticks, or thermos).

The uses are very varied, even for your promotions or sale of articles. With screen printing you can print clothes, create stickers, labels or personalised magnets, and even decorate the windows. Screen printing has become a printing technique that is part of everyday life.

What are the advantages of screen printing?

For example, in the printing of personalised bags and other textile items, the main advantage of screen printing is the value for money. By adjusting the number of inks/colours in your design, you can adapt the budget for your order. It is true that for individual or small orders it is not the best option, because it has a cost associated with the preparation prior to printing (create a mesh / screen for each colour, etc.). But if you want to make a wholesale order, the larger the quantity of items printed with silkscreen, the cheaper the order will be: once the cost of the screens is covered, large runs have a price within the reach of any budget.

  1. To make your logo stand out, screen printing allows you to use very vibrant colours and a high precision, so you can print your personalised items with high quality. Unlike digital printing, where four types of small dot colour ink create an image, screen printing can effectively detail any graphic or image.

  2. As we've already mentioned, screen printing can be applied to almost anything. Whether you want to print your logo or design on a white sweatshirt or custom magnets, you can do it with high quality results.

  3. Screen printing is durable:** the composition of the ink makes it easy to attach strongly to the material. Thus, for example, your creations on cups, bottles or garments will resist washing longer.

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