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Laser printing

What is laser printing and how will it help your promotional items to stand out?

A printing technique with which you will achieve impressive results

When we personalise your promotional items with laser printing, we use fast, reliable and cost-effective technology. The material in your products is heated by the laser beam it receives. Depending on the time of exposure to the laser, the colour of the material it passes through changes and creates contrast as it 'tears' layers off the surface of the base material. The material melts and evaporates, creating a permanent, resistant and elegant print.

Laser printing has a wide field of application. If you've already tried printing your brand name on personalised t-shirts and you want to create unforgettable everyday objects, your logo or design will look impeccable on the covers of notebooks or synthetic leather key rings, to put a couple of examples of applications for laser printing when it comes to personalised items for your promotions and business gifts.

What items can you print with your design using laser printing?

Put your trust in items with a long and useful life and show the best image of your business

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Maximum quality

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Easy personalisation

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Advantages of laser printing

  1. We process and personalise your items without the need for extra handling. In mechanical engraving, for example, how we would print your personalised mugs the object to be printed has to be fixed in place. With laser printing, there is no contact with the item, no splinters or dust. Thus, the laser becomes a printing technique that saves time and money and prevents your items suffering stress during printing.

  2. The laser glides quickly and smoothly across surfaces. This way you get maximum precision and definition of your logo or design without wearing down the material, even with the finest details (you can design complex shapes, for example). If you can draw it, we can laser mark it. The results of laser printing are homogeneous: even the edges are smooth and perfectly sealed. When we use screen printing for personalised bags or t-shirts, for example, we do it with inks and machinery that does not deform the fabric either, but it is true that the precision of colours, shapes and lines is less precise than the one we get with laser printing.

  3. The qualitative leap in relation to other printing techniques deserves the investment you make in laser printing. If you want to create corporate gifts or products for sale that have a unique and distinguished character, opt for laser printing. You will transform your personalised articles into a uniquely classy item.

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