Whether you want to sell it as a souvenir or give it away to the employees of your company, designing a drinking bottle is a good idea. Because water bottles and thermos bottles are becoming more and more popular and are therefore a less well-known but increasingly used advertising medium, thanks to which you can make your brand better known. Thanks to the large printing area, you have many design options: Let your creativity run free and place your most beautiful design, your company name or your logo on the bottle and sell it or give it away successfully!

More than just designing your own drinking bottles

Various possibilities for advertising with drinking vessels

What surface can I design myself for drinking bottles?

Large printing area means plenty of space for your design. The size of the space for printing drinking bottles depends on the model. Most drinking bottles allow you to print the full height of one side.

With some, however, only the upper part is printable or you have the option of all-round printing, as with printing cups. You can check this on the logo visible on the model or on the dotted area.

Which drinking vessels can I design besides drinking bottles?

Drinking bottles can be an interesting promotional item for sports and health-oriented companies or organizations. Printing the thermal mug may also be of interest for a high-quality promotional gift to business partners or for a campaign in winter.

An ideal combination for the winter: thermo mug and sweater! For universities, for example, printed sweaters are the be-all and end-all of their merchandising. Just take a look at our large product catalog!

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