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Pocket mirrors

Create your pocket mirrors

Create a beautiful and practical gift. Easily personalise your pocket mirror with your photos and designs. Accompanying you wherever you go. Available in two sizes:
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Create top quality products for your promotions and events.

Reflect your style

It is very easy to create your personalised pocket mirrors. Just upload a nice photo, choose a coloured background, write a phrase or add decorative elements.
Every possibility - Camaloon

Every possibility

Easily decorate your pocket mirrors. There is a whole gallery available with icons and decorative elements that you can adapt and put on your mirror. There are also great font styles to add some extra flavour to your words.

Magic mirrors - Camaloon

Magic mirrors

Our pocket mirrors are available in five finishes so you can give them your personal touch. Matte, glossy, gold-coloured, metal and even luminescent to glow in the dark.

Top quality -  Camaloon
Top quality

All of our products are top quality. We manufacture in-house and choose only the best materials.

Easy and fun -  Camaloon
Easy and fun

Personalise your products easily. You'll find letters, icons and templates that you'll be able to change to suit your needs. Enjoy creating!

Faster -  Camaloon

Choose our Express service and receive your order in record time.

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Personal customer service

You have a team of professionals by your side to help you with everything you need.

The most original gifts

Here there are some ideas to create your personalised gifts.
Not without my mirror - Camaloon

Not without my mirror

"I do not leave home without my pocket mirror. I always carry it with me."

The perfect gift - Camaloon

The perfect gift

"A friend created pocket mirrors for her wedding and it seemed like a great gift idea."

Really easy - Camaloon

Really easy

"Personalising is really easy with the design tool."

Mirror, mirror on the wall! pocket mirrors are a great idea to give to your friends. It is a small survival kit, ready to help you whenever you need it and comes in handy in many situations: before a meeting, when leaving the gym, on the beach or when you go to a festival. You do not need a bathroom anymore to freshen up your makeup or to place your contact lenses on. Personalised pocket mirrors are like magic. It is not necessary to use professional software any longer to personalise your own. Use our atelier to upload an image or create the design you want. You will have the most original pocket mirror ever. You can design it in a jiffy.