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Photo badges

Print badges with photos

Turn your favourite photos into personalised badges. Choose the shape.
Top quality -  Camaloon
Top quality

All of our products are top quality. We manufacture in-house and choose only the best materials.

Easy and fun -  Camaloon
Easy and fun

Personalise your products easily. You'll find letters, icons and templates that you'll be able to change to suit your needs. Enjoy creating!

Faster -  Camaloon

Choose our Express service and receive your order in record time.

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Personal customer service

You have a team of professionals by your side to help you with everything you need.

Take your best shots

Create badges with photos from your phone, Facebook, Instagram and give them your own touch.
Original finishes - Camaloon

Original finishes

Personalise your photo badges your way. You can give them a glossy or matte finish, even gold or metal. You choose.

Photos with a message - Camaloon

Photos with a message

With our online design tool you can add phrases to your photo badges. Also icons that you can modify as you want.

Your best memories

Convert your best moments in unforgettable memories.
Unforgettable holidays - Camaloon

Unforgettable holidays

"I created badges with vacation pictures as a gift for my friends. A very original gift."

Instagram Photos - Camaloon

Instagram Photos

"I gave a collection of square badges with photos of Instagram as a gift and got many likes"

A great purchase - Camaloon

A great purchase

"In Camaloon I personalised my badges easily and had better results than I expected."

Print your photos on button badges and create unique details. Photos of your best moments are the best design. Create button badges with pictures of your selfies, your travels, your favourite landscapes and of the people that you love. Spice up those pictures that you have stored on your mobile. It is an original surprise for your friends to animate your parties and as a gift. Photo badges are a good idea and you will find all formats: Squared Instagram ones, Facebook rectangular ones and even an oval shape. In Camaloon you can easily print your badges with a photo. Just choose the shape and size of your badges and use our design tool to upload your favourite photos. If you want, you can add more than one photo on a single badge. You can also write phrases, dates or names. Discover our icons with which you can decorate your photos. The magic of a photo is to capture a moment and print it on your badges, so you can remember them every day. Photo badges are a fun idea for your parties, birthdays and special celebrations. A small detail that will be a great gift and will surprise everyone. Our digital printing allows printing with great precision and quality to make your photos look great and make your own collection, so you can do as many different models as you want for the same price. Personalise your badges with photos now and enjoy creating unique details.