Personalised promotional wristbands | Camaloon

Personalised promotional wristbands

Personalise your wristbands online and made them accessories that everybody will want to wear or simple IDs to attend an event.

Swift delivery | Camaloon

Swift delivery

Without promotional wristbands, there isn't an event. Trust in our quick production and Express delivery and you will be able to organise your event well on time.

Guaranteed competitive prices | Camaloon

Guaranteed competitive prices

The more attendance you expect, the more personalised wristbands you will need and the cheaper they will become.

These wristbands are mementos of your important events

Create personalised wristbands that can be handed out as souvenirs of an event while promoting your brand.

Achieve much with little effort | Camaloon

Achieve much with little effort

Thanks to our online design tool, you will be able to create promotional wristbands with no previous training, in just a few clicks. Create an original design and your customers will wear them for a long time, promoting your brand.

The focus is on your brand | Camaloon

The focus is on your brand

Design your wristbands for events in bright colours to make your brand stand out. With minimal investment you will get the most of these promotional items. Let your customer share their best moments with you.

How to make custom wristbands?

  1. Firstly, you will have to choose the wristband that suits your purpose best. Choose between vinyl, fabric and Tyvek wristbands, and between all the different sizes and styles offered.
  2. Once you have chosen the model, now you have to upload your designs or images to our easy-to-use online tool and start editing to make them exactly as you had pictured.
  3. After the design is finished, we will check to make sure that it will be printed perfectly and once printed the quality will also be checked because we want our customers to be satisfied.
  4. Finally, all you have to do is wait for your order to arrive and start handing them out at events.

At Camaloon we have been using an easy-to-use online tool for a long time which makes designing promotional merchandise so much easier because we want the Camaloon experience to be perfect for you.

Personalised wristbands that will promote your brand for a long time

These promotional wristbands can be used in events, fairs or for businesses aimed at tourists. They help ID attendees while subtly promoting your brand or event.

The combination of these wristbands with our offers in t-shirt printing is quite popular. The wristband should be given as an entrance ticket to the event or hotel, and the t-shirt is the ideal souvenir to remember the occasion. Because it is such a popular item, we advise getting wholesale t-shirts, choose a unisex design and use our t-shirt screen printing to get the best print quality at the best possible price.

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