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Promotional Personalised Wristbands

Personalise your Wristbands online and made them accessories that everybody will want to wear or simple IDs for attending an event.

Quick delivery | Camaloon

Quick delivery

You will receive your Personalised Wristbands well on time, thanks to our quick production and express delivery.

Guaranteed competitive prices | Camaloon

Guaranteed competitive prices

The more attendance you expect, the more Personalised Wristbands you will need and the cheaper they will become.

Personalised Wristbands are mementoes of your events

Create personalised wristbands that can be handed out as souvenirs of an event while promoting your brand.

Achieve much with little effort | Camaloon

Achieve much with little effort

Thanks to our online design tool, you will be able to create personalised wristbands with no previous training, in just a few clicks. Create an original design and your customers will wear them for a long time, promoting your brand.

The focus is on your brand | Camaloon

The focus is on your brand

Design your wristbands for events in bright colours to make your brand stand out. With minimal investment you will get the most of these promotional items. Let your customer share their best moments with you.

What are Personalised Wristbands?

Wristbands are encircling strips made from fabric, paper or vinyl, that is worn around the wrist or lower forearm. Personalised wristbands are often handed out to attendees of fairs, festivals or conferences and are used to allow entry to the designated area where the event is held. Wristbands are commonly personalised by event organizers in advance of any occasion where they need to control the amount of people accessing, or made they made one for each ticket sold. The wristbands are usually printed with the name and date of the event, as well as a company logo and contact information.

What are the benefits of Personalised Wristbands?

By personalising wristbands and handing them out at your events, you make sure that every person will go home with your company contact details around their wrist. Some people will even keep the wristband as a souvenir or memorabilia, meaning that your personalised wristbands will live on even after the event! You can also create personalised badges with your company logo and hand out together with the wristbands.

Who uses Personalised Wristbands?

Personalised wristbands are often used at music festivals, gigs or concerts, as an access control measure. As most wristbands are non-transferrable, they ensure that only the people who purchased a ticket and exchanged it for a wristband, has access to the event. It has also become increasingly popular to personalise wristbands for reselling, in particular for fundraising purposes where all profit goes to a charity. Another option to personalising wristbands for events is to use personalised lanyards that hold the ticket or entry pass around the neck of the attendee.

How to choose the best Personalised Wristbands for your business?

At Camaloon, we offer wristbands in three different materials and in many sizes and colours, so that you can find one that is perfect for your event. Our budget-friendly wristbands made from Tyvek paper are perfect for a one-day event, they are easy to attach around the wrist with the classic peel-and-stick method and are non-transferrable. Our wristbands made from vinyl comes in several sizes and in different models, are waterproof and has a pressure clasp that makes them non-transferable while still comfortable enough to wear for several days. Finally, we have wristbands made from satin that can be personalised with prints in full-colour. Our satin wristbands have rounded clasps for closing it around the wrist, but can also be removed and reused.

Where on the Wristbands can you print your logo or design?

Your personalised print of your company logo, design or promotional message will be printed in either one colour or full-colour, depending on the material of the wristband you choose. The print will be made on the outside of the wristband on the dedicated space made for only this purpose. Match your personalised wristbands with T-shirts personalised with your company logo or unique designs for each event.

How can you conduct a successful campaign with Personalised Wristbands?

By personalising wristbands for your events you have the opportunity to create something unique and creative. Our colours range from discrete transparent to flashy neon so you can find one that fit your company brand and event perfectly. Think of your target clients or the audience that is attending your event, and create wristbands that they might want to wear even after your event, promoting your brand wherever they go!

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