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Wholesale stickers for the UK

Buy wholesale stickers at the best price

Make wholesale stickers at the best price and promote your brand.
High-quality and adaptable - Camaloon

High-quality and adaptable

Personalise your stickers with the shape, material and printing technique that you require according to your design and/or use.

Printing experts - Camaloon

Printing experts

Get the most accurate print finish of your designs or logo, even for large quantities.

Need advice? - Camaloon

Need advice?

Get in touch with us and we'll give you information about the most suitable materials, printing techniques and finishes.

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Already know how you want your stickers? Great! Select the material and the cut, upload your design or logo and place your order online.
Competitive price with no compromise on quality - Camaloon

Competitive price with no compromise on quality

Polyester stickers are resistant and long-lasting. Choose these if you're looking for a lower cost for your company.

Classic quality and high-durability - Camaloon

Classic quality and high-durability

Resistant material with a strong adherence capacity and durability. That's vinyl for you. You can choose ones for indoor or outdoor use.

For special finishes and print runs - Camaloon

For special finishes and print runs

Transparent stickers are fantastic for glass surfaces or for adding a unique touch to your window displays.

Wholesale stickers for the UK that offer you unique solutions for your campaigns

We understand that price is the main factor when choosing which kind of sticker you want to use for your promo campaign. That's why at Camaloon we offer you tailor-made quotes for buying your wholesale personalised stickers.

Personalised wholesale stickers for the UK: unlimited options for making your brand stand out

Aside from the price, there are also other factors which are interlinked when you want to place your personalised sticker order: The sticker material, the cut and the printing technique. These three elements will directly affect the durability and finish of your design or logo.

Taking into account where you want to place them, do you need wholesale stickers for placing on your shop windows? Or do you want personalised stickers for putting on your packaging? Take into account whether you'll be placing them indoors or outdoors: for example, whether they are for outdoor use - your window display. If you want stickers for placing on your company vehicles, etc. then we recommend using materials that aren't easily ruined by the wind, rain or sun.

We are pushing forward with many of the features that will help you decide how to make your wholesale stickers on this page. And, of course, you can ask us anything you like so that your order of wholesale stickers for the UK gives you the best quality-price ratio.