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Personalised car stickers

Move your brand around with personalised car stickers

Easy to design and apply. Turn your vehicles into additional advertising.
Top quality -  Camaloon
Top quality

All of our products are top quality. We take care of every detail.

Personalise easily -  Camaloon
Personalise easily

Create or import your designs, or choose from multiple online templates.

We revise your design -  Camaloon
We revise your design

We do a free check of every order to make sure that the print is perfect.

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Express Order

Choose our Express service and receive your order in record time.

All terrain stickers to personalise your cars - Camaloon

All terrain stickers to personalise your cars

Made with vinyl, these stickers are tough, durable and use the best adhesives. Neither snow nor rain nor heat will make they fade nor fall nor peel.

Vehicles with bespoke stickers - Camaloon

Vehicles with bespoke stickers

You can choose between several shapes and sizes, cuts and colours. Take advantage of this freedom and order personalised car stickers online with your brand image, ready for your promotions.

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Uber Eats
Panini Comics

Car stickers: what they are good for

These personalised stickers can turn any surface into a showcase for your business. They can add a touch of brand personality to your fleet of vehicles: motorbikes, vans, cars, etc. Just choose the best shape, size, cut and design to use for each type of vehicle you want.

What are the advantages of our car stickers?

These vinyl stickers are affordable and easy to apply: a great option to take advantage of they extra visibility your fleet of vehicles can provide to boost brand recognition or for promotional actions. Besides using them for your own vehicles, they are excellent promotional items that will ensure that your customers help move your business around and extend the reach of your company.

Thanks to their quality, Camaloon stickers will hang on for years, barely losing any shine. However, if you want to change them often to use different personalised designs for your vehicles, that is also a possibility. The choice is yours.

Are vinyl stickers difficult to apply?

Not at all. Just take care of not leaving any bubbles or imperfections. To do so, make sure that the surface is really clean and well dried. Once applied, check that there is no edge sticking out, this will help keeping the paint below intact. Then, wait for a couple of hours before using the vehicle and don't wash it for a few days.

With a bit of practice, you will probably start applying your sticker labels in your articles and packaging, or the last design made with vinyl sticker printing on your window shop.