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Personalised stationery

Sets the benchmark for excellence

Turn your promotional products into personalised stationery that your clients won't want to replace

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Make your marketing strategy profitable with personalised office stationery
Your brand under control — Camaloon

Your brand under control

Quality surfaces and printing techniques to accurately reproduce your design and logo.

Better together — Camaloon

Better together

Personalised notebooks and pens are the perfect promo combo. No need for words.

We understand your campaign — Camaloon

We understand your campaign

... and your budget: that's why we have great models that cover a wide range of prices.

Top quality -  Camaloon
Top quality

All of our products are top quality. We take care of every detail.

Personalise easily -  Camaloon
Personalise easily

Create or import your designs, or choose from multiple online templates.

We revise your design -  Camaloon
We revise your design

We do a free check of every order to make sure that the print is perfect.

Express Order -  Camaloon
Express Order

Choose our Express service and receive your order in record time.

Effective and affordable personalised UK stationery

We'll show you that we're experts in personalised promotional products by ensuring that our experience creating personalised stationery really helps your marketing campaigns: take a look at our catalogue of personalised pens and notebooks, and get in touch to get a tailored printing quote in record time, with no obligations. The fact they are popular items anybody can afford doesn't mean you can't make a huge impression and turn your notebooks and pens into irreplaceable items. We'll help you achieve it!

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How to make promotional stationery?

  1. The first step is to choose from a variety of models and shapes of the items you want.
  2. Then, design with Camaloon’s online tool, by uploading your logo, designs, images, text, or icons, and organising everything in a stylish fashion.
  3. Once the design is finished it will be evaluated and once they have been printed the outcome will be assessed so you are happy with your products.
  4. The final step is waiting to receive your tote bags through the post and start handing them out.

Designing promotional merchandise has never been easier; Camaloon’s online design tools have made this process much easier and much more efficient.

What can I use my custom business stationery for?

At Camaloon we have a huge team of experts from all over the world working together to produce the best possible experience and results for our clients. And we know that sometimes simplicity is essential, who doesn’t use pen and paper from time to time? Well you can easily take advantage of this promotionally by designing and ordering your personalised stationery covered in whatever design or logo you want. Personalising pens and notebooks could well be the perfect medium to grow your brand’s name. People will be exchanging and borrowing pens with your company’s logo printed perfectly with your details. We have a large variety of models so you can choose the ones which suit your promotional needs.

Depending on the occasion, it could definitely be worth designing a product or two to supplement your promotional efforts. To put this into perspective, imagine being part of a conference and handing out personalised t-shirts with your company’s logo and message printed on them; you can even create custom bags to put them in. Nothing makes clients and attendees of events feel more comfortable and included than free personalised gifts. Just across the road from our main office we have factory so that our design team and production team can work together closely. In that factory, we have the most advanced printing technology so that we can create personalised vinyl stickers of the highest quality and the customer will always be satisfied with their purchase.