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Personalised stationery

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Turn your promotional products into personalised stationery that your clients won't want to replace

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Make your marketing strategy profitable with personalised office stationery
Your brand under control - Camaloon

Your brand under control

Quality surfaces and printing techniques to accurately reproduce your design and logo.

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Better together

Personalised notebooks and pens are the perfect promo combo. No need for words.

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We understand your campaign

... and your budget: that's why we have great models that cover a wide range of prices.

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Top quality

All of our products are top quality. We take care of every detail.

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Personalise easily

Create or import your designs, or choose from multiple online templates.

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We revise your design

We do a free check of every order to make sure that the print is perfect.

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Express Order

Choose our Express service and receive your order in record time.

Effective and affordable personalised UK stationery

We'll show you that we're experts in personalised promotional products by ensuring that our experience creating personalised stationery really helps your marketing campaigns: take a look at our catalogue of personalised pens and notebooks, and get in touch to get a tailored printing quote in record time, with no obligations. The fact they are popular items anybody can afford doesn't mean you can't make a huge impression and turn your notebooks and pens into irreplaceable items. We'll help you achieve it!

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Useful and practical accessories to make your brand stand out: Opt for personalised UK stationery

Who doesn't like the simplicity and practicality of a pen and paper for jotting down ideas or tasks? Imagine all the ways you can use it throughout the day: you'll see how personalised UK stationery with your design or logo will make life easier for your clients. It's the perfect medium for making your brand visible and creating an impression. It's essential and everyone always has room for more stationery, whether it’s at work, home or in our bags.

When you give away a personalised notebook as a gift to your clients or employees, you'll be giving them the perfect opportunity to express themselves. It also allows you to show off the unique side of your brand: use front and back covers for printing your design or logo onto the most vibrantly coloured notebooks, with the highest printing quality. Personalising your brand image is easy when you use our A5 and pocket notebooks. They come in handy for any occasion!

Also, isn't it easy to grab a pen and start doodling or taking notes when we have a notebook in front of us? It's personalised stationery that goes perfectly with notebooks: consider events or fairs, for example. Our personalised pens allow you to promote your company logo in a quick and very affordable way using a small item that is easy to carry around. It is a personalised UK stationery item that is easy to lend to other people, which means that your brand will influence many other prospective clients at a low cost.

In order to make an impression with your promotional pens, here at Camaloon we have created a full selection of models. For this, as well as the quality and competitive price, we've also taken into account its purpose as a writing tool and ensured that the logo will be printed with the highest accuracy.