Check out our wide variety of personalised lunch boxes that we are offering! Take your promotional campaign to the next level and give personalised Tupperware to your customers or employees, their usefulness and practicality makes them an amazing promotional product for giveaways or even reselling. Because of their daily use, by adding custom lunch boxes to your promotional campaign you are assuring yourself and your company a huge brand exposure in the public. In our range of personalised lunch boxes, you can find plastic lunch boxes, lunch box with a phone holder, bento box, and much more. At Camaloon, we are proud to say that we are our manufacturers. We are the ones that print on your personalised Tupper, take care of your design as well as the packaging and ship it to you the customer, making sure for you to have an easy and satisfactory experience of buying your personalised lunch box until the very end. Choose the model that catches your attention the most and get your personalised Tupperware with your company logo today!

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What variety of personalised lunch boxes do you offer?

We have made sure to gather a wide variety of lunch boxes so everyone can find their perfect model. Check out some of our models and choose your ideal personalised lunch box!

Why get my personalised lunch box from Camaloon?

Because we care about you and your promotion campaign. We have put together a wide range of lunch boxes for you to customize, you can choose from different materials and types, have them printed or not, or even add custom packaging. Everything to get your perfect personalised lunch box.

Another reason is that we are our manufacturers. That means that we take care and give great importance to the whole process, from getting the product, designing it, printing it, and sending it to you, so that you can get your personalised lunch box as fast as possible.

What are the most economical lunch boxes you have?

We make sure you get the best price, so for your bulk order of personalised Tupperware we recommend these models:

Are you interested in reselling our lunch box with your personalised print?

We tend to offer you the best price in the market, making Camaloon the ideal place to get your personalised lunch boxes to resell. We also offer individual personalised packaging with every lunch box that you print on. Personalise your lunch box and its packaging to the very last detail and resell it to your customers.

How long will it take to create and receive my personalised lunch box?

Creating your personalised Tupper with Camaloon is an incredibly fast and easy process. We provide you with the most simple designing experience your company can have! After creating your order, you are going to have a wide variety of delivery options to choose from.

We offer delivery as fast as within a week so that you can get your personalised lunch box as fast as possible. Moreover, we also offer free delivery for orders greater than £35.

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