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Personalise your mugs exactly how you like at Camaloon. We have economic ceramic mugs, ideal for kitchens and desks, as well as a range insulated thermal mugs for transporting hot drinks. With different styles and colours, giving your mug the perfect, personalised touch will be easy. Choose between economic ceramic mugs and old school enamel mugs, we have plenty of both! Stainless steel and bamboo materials are used for our insulated travel mugs, the perfect coffee cup for commuters. We offer sublimation, silk-screen printing and laser engraving to apply your logos and images, giving your mug a perfect finish. Check out our range of insulated thermal mugs, bamboo fibre reusable coffee cups and many more to see which of our mugs will be your cup of tea!

How we print your personalised mugs

We offer the best mug printing techniques to perfect your order

Silk screen printing on mugs | Camaloon

Silk screen printing on mugs

Silk-screen printing is one of the most popular printing techniques when creating personalised mugs. The ink is transferred to the mugs by pressing through a mesh stretched in a frame. Silk-screen prints in one colour and is the most economic method available, making it perfect for bulk orders for conferences and events.

Sublimation for mugs | Camaloon

Sublimation for mugs

Sublimation allows us to print full-colour designs onto our personalised mugs, helping us to complete the most detailed of orders. With any colour to choose from, sublimation is great for creating photo mugs. You can create your mugs exactly how you want them, with the right colours to suit your needs. Some of our mugs offer different colour handles, interiors and exteriors, so see which models suit your colourful photos or logo best!

Laser-engraved mugs | Camaloon

Laser-engraved mugs

Laser-engraving gives your personalised mugs a classy, long-lasting look by etching your custom design into the surface, revealing the colour of the material beneath. Available for colourful ceramic exterior mugs, as well as our bamboo surface travel mugs, this method leaves an elegant finish, making this premium print a great gift for special clients and business partners.

Why companies trust us to produce personalised mugs

A personalised experience from start to finish

Business process that ensures the finest | Camaloon

Business process that ensures the finest

All of our models are purchased directly from our suppliers. Our mugs are carefully selected by our experts, making sure there are plenty of choices for all business needs. We extensively test each model with all printing techniques available to ensure a great finish. That way we can advise our customers on the number which of our personalised mugs are best for them!

Technology to ease the merchandise purchasing experience | Camaloon

Technology to ease the merchandise purchasing experience

Our easy-to-use platform makes the entire experience - from selecting the model, choosing the colour, adding the personalisation and previewing your customised mug - as easy as possible. We offer secure payment methods and a selection of delivery options so you can be sure to receive your order on-time.

Quality of production | Camaloon

Quality of production

All of our personalised mug printing is done in-house and on-site, promising quality throughout the production process. To make sure your mug turns out exactly how you customised it, we have a team of experts at hand to validate every design for each order. We ensure fast production and we're always happy to handle any of your post-order issues.

Personalise your mugs and grow your business

How personalised mugs can benefit your company

What Are Personalised Mugs?

Mugs and cups are used daily by most people to consume hot beverages such as coffee or tea. Mugs usually have a handle on the side and can usually hold larger amounts of fluid than other cups. Mugs have been used to drink from since ancient times when they were carved from wood or bone, or moulded in clay. Nowadays coffee mugs are usually made of ceramic materials and sport a handle making it both easier to drink and safer to hold. But they are available in other materials and forms too, such as mugs made from enamelled metal for a good old fashioned cuppa, insulated thermal mugs for enjoying hot tea all day or reusable coffee cups, perfect for a latte to take away! Print your logo, slogan or design onto one of our mugs and let your company show off its colourful side.

Which Personalised Mugs Are Best For Your Company?

Think of the image you want to associate your brand with, and decide which of our mugs will represent your business in the best way. Personalise in colour to match your brand and upload your image or logo using our easy-to-use platform and tools. Choose between colourful ceramic mugs and vintage mugs made from enamelled metal. Or pick personalised travel mugs to have your logo seen on the go! We have a great selection of vacuum insulated thermos mugs, made from stainless steel and bamboo fibre, all ready to personalise! Most of our mugs are microwave proof and suitable for dishwashers without losing their print! But do check the specs of each mug, just in case.

What Are the Benefits of Using Personalised Mugs?

As mugs are used so frequently everywhere and thereby constantly exposed, they give the perfect opportunity for the marketing of your brand and business. To give out personalised mugs with your company logo and information you create that essential initial introduction that can create valuable leads. Our mugs also cater to the needs of resellers, thanks to our high-quality prints and finishes. Sublimation is perfect for printing detailed designs and great photo mugs you can sell as souvenirs or as merchandise. Your mugs will be delivered finished, printed and ready to be sold, many of them are even packaged in individual boxes. Do you run a restaurant or café? why not make your mugs memorable? print your company name or a design and make your coffee mugs as inviting as your frothy cappuccinos!

Who Uses Personalised Mugs?

Businesses use personalised mugs to help boost brand awareness. And seeing as tea-time is prime time for small talk, having your logo on one of our mugs can put your company at the centre of the conversation. Whether it’s during the morning cup of coffee or a hot drink after lunch, your brand will be noticed time and time again. We have so many different models, you'll certainly find one to suit your needs. They come in a variety of different colours, therefore you can match them perfectly with your logo for promotional use or merchandising, or print great photo mugs that are ideal for souvenir shops. Not a fan of hot drinks? We’ve got you covered. Put your design on one of our many personalised water bottles so you, your customers and your employees can stay hydrated at the desk or on the move.

Where Is the Best Place to Print On One of Our Mugs?

Your design, logo or photo will be printed on the side of your mug which will give the print maximum exposure every time it's placed on a table or lifted for drinking. To create the personalised prints on your mugs we use different printing techniques depending on the material of the mugs. For our bamboo travel mugs, we use laser printing to engrave the design on the surface of your mug. We also print mugs in one colour by using serigraphy or screen printing, or prints in full colour with sublimation. With some of our mugs you can personalise the handle and inside in a different colour to match your brand even better.

How Can You Promote Business With Personalised Mugs?

Popular as souvenirs and memorabilia, personalised mugs are also great for promotional campaigns. Most of our mugs offer a large area ready to be personalised, with either detailed logos or images for photo mugs. The same could be said for personalised T-shirts. Both are great to decorate and can offer your brand lots of exposure around the office or on the move. Include coffee cups as well as the king of casual clothing in your campaign giveaways. Adding practical merchandise in your promotional pack is great for increasing awareness and strengthening your brand's identity. It’s great for both your company and its clients, who get something they can use daily! For more personalised everyday items, We have a wide selection of practical, promotional keyrings, something you never leave the house without!

How your company can use personalised mugs

Some top tips on how personalised mugs can boost business

Resale | Camaloon


One great way to use our mugs is to sell them on yourself! Personalised mugs are a great way of merchandising your brand, with simple graphics or full-colour images. Print your band’s logo, sports club’s emblem or organisation’s crest on one of our mugs and let your members and biggest supporters help you expand your fanbase. Offer personalised mugs in your club store or at your next concert or event.

Promotions and giveaways | Camaloon

Promotions and giveaways

Personalised mugs are great products to give away as a part of a promotion. Whether it is to reward loyal clients, attract new ones or even to be included as part of a deal to push the sale of another item, give your customers something they are guaranteed to use. With our diverse range of styles and colours, we are sure to have the model that suits your brand perfectly.

Corporate use | Camaloon

Corporate use

Making your employees feel happy at work can be worth all the tea in China, and few things in life make you feel more content than a warm mug full of coffee. Promote your brand internally by including custom mugs in your welcome pack for new joiners, giving them a practical gift that makes them feel like a part of the company.

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