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Maximum quality

Articles of maximum quality.

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Easy personalisation

Create and edit your designs from our online tool.

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We review your designs

We validate every order for free so that the printing is perfect.

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Express delivery

Receive your order in record time. Delivery with tracking.

Personalise your mugs and grow your brand

Your company will accompany your clients daily with unique and original merchandise

Wide range of colours | Camaloon

Wide range of colours

On the interior, on the exterior of the mug, on the handle, etc. Personalise your mug online with the colours which best complement and display your company.

Discounts for bulk orders | Camaloon

Discounts for bulk orders

Save more on orders of over 50 units. Personalise online and create unique high-quality mugs, effective for promotions.

A space for your creativity | Camaloon

A space for your creativity

With Camaloon's online tool you can personalise mugs with logos, photos and text so your brand stands out.

What are personalised Mugs?

Mugs and cups are used daily by most people for consumption of hot beverages such as coffee or tea. Usually mugs have a handle on the side and hold larger amounts of fluids than cups. Mugs have been used for drink consumption since ancient times, where they were carved from wood or bone or moulded in clay. Nowadays mugs come in many different materials, the most common are made in ceramics, but there are also fashionable mugs in enamelled metal or sustainable bamboo. The fact that mugs have been around for so long just proves how useful this product is. By printing a mug your company logo, a picture or design, you create a personalised mug.

What are the benefits of personalised Mugs?

As mugs are used so frequently everywhere and thereby constantly exposed, they give the perfect opportunity for the marketing of your brand and business. To give out mugs with your company logo and information you create that essential initial introduction that can create valuable leads. Our personalised mugs also cater to the needs of resellers, thanks to our high quality prints and finishes. The mugs will be delivered finished, printed and ready to be sold, many of them are even packaged in individual boxes.

Who uses personalised Mugs?

It is very well known that personalised merchandise such as mugs can help a company grow significantly. Personalised mugs contribute to this process greatly due to workers in every workplace in the whole of the United Kingdom drinking tea and coffee throughout the day. Therefore, whilst they are having their morning cup of tea or after lunch coffee, they will notice your brand time and time again. We have so many different models that you will certainly find one to suit your needs, they come in a variety of different colours so you can match them perfectly with your logo.

How to choose the best personalised Mugs for your company?

Think of the image you want to associate your brand with, and choose a mug that represents your business in the best way. Personalise in colour to match your brand and upload your image or logo in our easy-to-use design tool. Vintage enamelled metal mugs, colourful ceramic mugs or travel mugs, we have them all ready to print with your company logo. Match your personalised mugs with stylish and modern personalised stainless steel water bottles.

Where on the Mugs can you print your design or logo?

Your design, logo or photo will be printed on the side of the mug which will give the print maximum exposure every time the mug is placed on a table or lifted for drinking. To create the personalised prints on your mugs we use different printing techniques depending on the material of the mugs. For our bamboo travel mug we use laser printing to engrave the design on the surface of the mug. We also print mugs in one colour by using serigraphy or screen printing, or prints in full colour with sublimation. With some of our mugs you can personalise the handle and inside in a different colour to match your brand even better.

How can you promote your business with personalised Mugs?

At Camaloon we have an extensive amount of items which can be used to personalise and improve the results of your promotional efforts. As we are based in the United Kingdom and have to deal with the long and cold winter, a great promotional item to hand out at events would be our personalised holiday travel mugs and thermos, so your clients can carry their hot drinks to work and keep them warm all day. Whether you are supporting a sports event or promoting a healthy lifestyle, these personalised water bottles would set the perfect example as they are perfect for practising any sport or for taking to the gym.

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