Easy to design | Camaloon

Easy to design

Upload your logo and choose how to display it on your personalised key rings thanks to our online design tool.

Express delivery | Camaloon

Express delivery

If you need your personalised key rings order to delivered as soon as possible, choose our Express Service.

Affordable quality | Camaloon

Affordable quality

A price for every budget. And you can save even more on personalised key rings if you order in bulk.

Advertise your brand with personalised key rings

They are key to get your brand everywhere.

Personalising your key rings and your brand will be in everybody's mind throughout the year. | Camaloon

Personalising your key rings and your brand will be in everybody's mind throughout the year.

They are useful accessories, used daily. Your logo will be seen and remembered each time they take it out of their pockets. Personalise yours and make your brand something they won't want to forget!

You need very little to have your very own personalised key rings. | Camaloon

You need very little to have your very own personalised key rings.

Our selection of models will fit every budget. Put your brand in a compact advertising space, easy to transport and deliver, useful and cheap. Personalise our key rings with your logo and hand them out at any promotional event.

How to make personalised keyrings?

  1. Firstly, we have got to choose from a variety of models, materials, shapes, sizes, finishes and colours.
  2. Secondly, using Camaloon’s online tool, upload your logo, designs, images, text, icons, background colours, etc. and your personalised keyrings are almost ready to be put into production.
  3. Once the design is finished it will be evaluated and even once they have been printed the outcome will be assessed so you will be completely satisfied with the product.
  4. Finally, you will receive your personalised keyrings and can start using them immediately.

Camaloon’s easy-to-use online tool makes designing items such as personalised keyrings a piece of cake.

How can custom keyrings help promote my business?

Seize the opportunity of handing out personalised keyrings whenever the occasion arises. Whether you company is participating at an event or conference, giving away promotional merchandise such as custom keyrings will always be beneficial. We will contribute as much as possible to your design and decisions to make the process even easier and more rewarding. Choose from many different styles such as the metal plate keyrings, the synthetic leather key rings, and we even have aluminium bottle-opener keyrings which has a surface easily large enough for you to print your company’s name without a problem.

At Camaloon we have a huge team of experts from all over the world working together to produce the best possible experience and results for our clientes. Just across the road from our main office we have factory so that our design team and production team can work together closely. In that factory, we have the most advanced printing technology so that we can create personalised vinyl stickers of the highest quality. These stickers are always a great promotional option as they are so easy to store and use whenever necessary. Don’t forget to take a look at our DTG and screen printing techniques so that you can print personalised T-shirts in bulk with beautiful designs. Let’s go one step further, why not hand those T-shirts out with personalised bags which can also be printed on with the exact same quality. With our expertise and printed techniques, clients will be queuing up to take them off your hands!

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