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Easy to design

Upload your logo and choose how to display it on your personalised Keyrings or Keychains thanks to our online design tool.

Express delivery | Camaloon

Express delivery

If you need your order of personalised Keyrings or Keychains to delivered as soon as possible, choose our Express Service.

Affordable quality | Camaloon

Affordable quality

A Keyring for every budget. And you can save even more on personalised Keyrings or Keychains if you order in bulk.

Promote your brand on Personalised Keyrings

They are key to get your company known everywhere

Your logo on Personalised Keyrings, in every pocket | Camaloon

Your logo on Personalised Keyrings, in every pocket

They are useful accessories, used daily. Your logo will be seen and remembered each time they take it out of their pockets. Personalise yours and make your brand something they won't want to forget!

Personalised Keyrings for any budget | Camaloon

Personalised Keyrings for any budget

Our selection of keyrings will fit every budget. Put your brand in a compact advertising space, that is easy to transport and deliver. Personalise keyrings or keychains with your logo and hand them out at any promotional event.

What are Personalised Keyrings?

A Keyring, or Keychain, is a small chain usually made from plastic or metal, that connects a small item to a ring on which you can attach your keys. By gathering all your keys, USB sticks or access cards to the same keyring, you can keep track of them all at the same time. A Keychain can also be a connecting link between a keyring and the belt of an individual. Keychains and keyrings first became popular promotional items during the 1950s and 1960s, with the improvement of plastic manufacturing techniques, at this time promotional items such as personalised keyrings or keychains became unique. Personalised keyrings or keychains are one of the most common promotional items that UK businesses use for their marketing campaigns by printing them with their company name, logo and contact information.

What are the benefits of Personalised Keyrings?

As keyrings or keychains are used by almost every person who owns a set of keys or access cards, they make one of the most popular products on the market to personalise. Every business wants their logo and information in their clients’ pockets, reminding them of the services the company offers every time it’s used. Personalised keyrings or keychains are ideal promotional products due to their small size, low costs and the possibility to order large quantities in bulk. Combine them with personalised USB sticks for an even more useful giveaway.

Who uses Personalised Keyrings?

Keyrings and Keychains are used by everyone, from children that need a way to keep track of the keys for their school lockers, to young adults trying to manage adulthood with all keys and access cards it comes with. Keyrings and Keychains are also frequently used by personnel whose job demands frequent use of keys for example by security guards, janitors or store managers. In addition to keyrings, we also print personalised lanyards, should you prefer to keep your keys around your neck rather than in your pocket.

How to choose the best Keyrings for your business?

Our range of keyrings and keychains includes many different models and styles in various materials and colours. Depending on your company brand and purpose for which you are personalising the keyrings or keychains, you have many options to choose from. Our keyrings or keychains made from metal or wood are printed with laser engraving, which creates a high-quality print that even shows the smallest details. We even offer personalised keyrings or keychains with tech aspects, such as phone charging adapters, power banks or USB sticks.

Where on the Keyring or Keychain can you print your logo, text or design?

Each print is made on the largest surface of the keyring or keychain, depending on the shape this might vary slightly from product to product. Many of our keyrings or keychains can even be printed on both sides, giving maximum exposure to your brand. When it comes to our printing techniques, we use laser engraving for keyrings or keychains made from wood or metal, as well as full-colour printing for prints in many colours or one colour printing for single-colour logos or promotional messages.

How can you conduct a successful campaign with Personalised Keyrings?

Seize the opportunity of handing out personalised keyrings or keychains whenever the occasion arises. Whether your company is participating in an event or conference, giving away promotional merchandise such as personalised keyrings or keychains will always be beneficial. We will contribute as much as possible to your design and decisions to make the process even easier and more rewarding. Choose from many different styles such as the metal plate keyrings, the synthetic leather keyrings, and we even have aluminium bottle-opener keyrings which have a surface large enough for you to print your company’s name and logo. You can also create matching personalised business pens and hand out together with the keyrings at any fair or event.

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