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Personalised iPhone cases

Create your personalised case

Easily personalise your iPhone case with your photos and designs. Choose between 3D or 2D covers:

Personalised iPhone cases 2D

2D cases are made of semi-rigid plastic with a border that covers your iPhone.
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Create top quality products for your promotions and events.

A unique iPhone

There is no other like your iPhone. You have everything you need to create a unique case.
Stylish phrases - Camaloon

Stylish phrases

Write phrases and messages with the coolest font styles.

Everything you like - Camaloon

Everything you like

You will find a wide range of icons and templates with everything you like: music, sports, animals, movies and many more.

My iPhone - Camaloon

My iPhone

"With my new personalised case there is no iPhone like mine."

The most original gift - Camaloon

The most original gift

"I gave my friend a mobile phone case with holiday photos. He absolutely loved it."

Easy ordering - Camaloon

Easy ordering

"I registered in a minute and now I can purchase without having to fill out my data."

Personalised iPhone cases are a great idea to surprise your partner, friends and relatives. Create your own case with your favourite photos: travel, friends or whatever you like. With Camaloon you can do this easily and you can add text with stylish fonts. Also, you can find templates and icons that can adapt to your design and change colour. You can choose between 3D and 2D designs to personalise your iPhone. The Camaloon iPhone cases are of the highest quality: Birthdays, Christmas or just because you feel like it, any occasion is a good reason to give a personalised case. In Camaloon you will enjoy creating a unique style that will surely make a lasting impression. There is no other iPhone like yours.

Top quality -  Camaloon
Top quality

All of our products are top quality. We manufacture in-house and choose only the best materials.

Personalise easily -  Camaloon
Personalise easily

Create or import your designs, or choose from multiple online templates.

We revise your design -  Camaloon
We revise your design

We do a free check of every order to make sure that the print is perfect.

Express Order -  Camaloon
Express Order

Choose our Express service and receive your order in record time.