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Personalised Bottle Openers

Personalised Bottle Openers with magnetic catch

Create personalised bottle openers with your company logo, designs or photos for all your marketing campaigns.

Magnetic Bottle Openers that promote your brand

Bottle Openers made from metal with rectangular opening and magnetic catch

Shiny Bottle Openers with your logo | Camaloon

Shiny Bottle Openers with your logo

Personalise your bottle openers with the most amazing finishes, such as golden, metallic, matte or glossy.

Personalised Bottle Openers as gifts | Camaloon

Personalised Bottle Openers as gifts

Use our icons and templates to decorate your bottle openers, or personalise with your photos and unique designs.

Bottle Openers with your prints | Camaloon

Bottle Openers with your prints

Put your company logo on Bottle Openers that stick to the fridge, so that your clients will see them every day.

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Easy personalisation

Create and edit your designs from our online tool.

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We validate every order for free so that the printing is perfect.

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Products to match your Bottle Openers

Promotional merchandise personalised for your marketing campaigns

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What are Personalised Bottle Openers?

A Bottle Opener, also called a Crown Cork Opener or a Churchkey in America, is a device that enables the removal of metal bottle caps from glass bottles. The Crown Cork Opener is the original bottle opener that was invented at the same time as the crown cork by Irish mechanical engineer William Painter, founder of Crown Holdings inc. A Crown Cork Opener is a simple Bottle Opener in form of a piece of metal with a rectangular or rounded opening with a lip that is placed under the edge of the bottle top. When upward force is applied the bottle opener works as a lever and bends the cap off from the bottle. At Camaloon, we offer personalised bottle openers with a magnet that catch the cap after opening a bottle, preventing it from falling to the ground. This also means that you can put your bottle opener on the fridge or any other magnetic surface for safekeeping when not in use. Our magnetic bottle openers come in round or oval shapes and are available in several high-quality finishes.

What are the benefits of Personalised Bottle Openers?

Personalised bottle openers are particularly useful for businesses in the hospitality sector, where there is a daily need for opening glass bottles as a part of the job. In pubs, bars and restaurants all around the UK it is common to see a Wall-mounted Bottle Opener or a Speed Opener ('bar blade') being used by the bartenders. By ensuring all your staff members are using bottle openers that promote your company, brand or slogan, it will give a great impression to any customer at your establishment. However, they are also great as promotional products or giveaways at events and fairs to advertise your company. Thanks to the usefulness of the bottle opener combined with the practical magnet, you can be sure it will be appreciated and used by anyone who receives it.

Who uses Personalised Bottle Openers?

You will most likely be able to find at least one bottle opener in every home in the UK, this is how common and useful this item is. By personalising bottle openers with your promotional messages, your company info can be in every home too. While handheld bottle openers tend to be used mostly in domestic environments, wall-mounted openers are typically found behind bars in pubs. The bottle opener is an original gift to surprise your guests at weddings or special celebrations, you can even create matching party supplies! They are a perfect souvenir that they will see every day. You can personalise your magnetic bottle opener with photos, designs or messages. You also have a wide range of icons and templates in our designing tool to help you get started decorating your bottle openers.

How to choose the best Personalised Bottle Openers for your business?

The functional elements of bottle openers tend to be consistent, although they can vary in design and aesthetics. When it comes to how you can personalise them, the options are endless. We offer bottle openers that are either round or oval, where one side will show your personalised print and the other functions as the bottle opener. The personalised print will be produced with full-colour printing directly on to polyester, which is laminated and attached to the bottle opener frame. On the side on which your print is made, you can choose to use a matte or glossy finish or one of our special finishes such as golden and metallic. If you are looking for a regular fridge magnet, we also offer a range of flexible or rigid personalised magnets that are ready to be printed with your promotional messages!

Where on the Bottle Openers can you print your company logo or design?

The personalised print of your company logo, design or promotional message, will be made on one side of the bottle opener. This gives you the opportunity for maximum exposure, as to whether or not it’s being used, the side with your print will always be on show. Your personalised bottle openers are produced in full-colour with a high-quality printing technique called Digital Printing. This technique allows a digital-based image to be printed directly on to a variety of materials. Our bottle openers are produced in-house with high-quality printing techniques, which gives us full control over the whole process from order to final product. By combining your promotional bottle openers with personalised T-shirts you gain maximum exposure on any event.

How can you conduct a successful campaign with Personalised Bottle Openers?

Promote your brand, products or events with promotional merchandise printed with your company logo or slogan. Personalised products such as bottle openers are often informally called Swag, tchotchkes or freebies. Several different items of promotional merchandise gathered together in a personalised bag are often called a Goodie Bag, these are common to hand out at fairs or events to potential customers. By creating personalised bottle openers as well as matching pens, coasters or mugs, you can reach a broader audience for your advertising campaign. Personalised bottle openers are so small and lightweight that they are easy to order in large quantities and bring to any event or fair where you can hand them out to potential clients. If your business caters to restaurants, hotels or pubs, it is also very beneficial to send personalised bottle openers with their next delivery, so they can use them in action in front of their customers. If you have a new product launching, create personalised bottle openers that promote the new product and get people interested with an eye-catching special finish. Promote your brand, products or events with promotional merchandise printed with your company logo or slogan.

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