Personalised flexible magnets

Freedom and creativity for showing off your business. Make your personalised flexible magnets and catch everyone’s attention. Available in three thicknesses.

Personalised fridge magnet badges

Strong with great gripping power. These are the main features your client will also see when you print your logo.

Maximum quality  -  Camaloon

Maximum quality

Articles of maximum quality.

Easy personalisation -  Camaloon

Easy personalisation

Create and edit your designs from our online tool.

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We review your designs

We validate every order for free so that the printing is perfect.

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Express delivery

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Our magnet selection: what's so special about them?

Choose the ideal magnets according to your objectives and get exactly the product you need

Promotional flexible magnets | Camaloon

Promotional flexible magnets

With the best value for money, choose between thicknesses of 0.4 and 0.75 mm for your flexible promotional magnets. Ideal for your companies large promotional efforts.

Premium flexible magnets | Camaloon

Premium flexible magnets

Available with a premium thickness of 0.9 mm, these magnets are perfect for resale or targeted advertising campaigns, as well as social events like weddings thanks to their high quality photo printing.

Fridge magnet badges | Camaloon

Fridge magnet badges

The choice for those who need a durable and quality item that can last the test of time for your promotions or as a gift at events.

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Uber Eats
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How to sell more with custom magnets?

Discover a better way to reach more customers and increase their engagement. Straight from the door of your fridge to the door of your business.

Why are personalised fridge magnets so popular?

Personalised fridge magnets are designed to attach to fridges or different magnetic surfaces and typically consist of an ornament attached to a small magnet used to hold it in place. Personalised fridge magnets have more than just one purpose, they can be used to hold items on the fridge, as a collectable, and are very popular as a souvenir. More recently, however, their power as a promotional tool became apparent and since then one of the most common forms of fridge magnet you can find in peoples homes are advertising magnets. They are ideal for holding small pieces of information like your company website or phone number but are equally impactful as logo magnets displaying your logo proudly all day long in a prime location to keep you in your clients' considerations.

While now you can find all types of shapes and designs, the first fridge magnets were solid and circular or rectangular and were later accompanied by flexible magnets. Fixed north and south poles are something you would expect to find in an average magnet, however, flat fridge magnets are magnetised during the manufacturing process with altering north and south poles on the side of the magnet that will be in contact with the surface of the fridge.

Personalised fridge magnets are not the only thing

With Camaloon, you don't have to be satisfied with just one promotional item. Personalised badges are another item that can be great for your brand visibility as it can be fixed on bags or jackets and taken along with the clients everywhere they go. One of the only downsides of receiving promotional items as a customer at a trade fair or event is figuring out how to carry it all. Consider personalised bags which are perfect to keep all the bits and bobs, and be remembered for making your clients' days even easier and more convenient.

One of the things that make personalised fridge magnets such a perfect advertising tool is how useful they are, which also guarantees their use. People always have a small note or list to attach to the classic reminder location - the fridge. Similarly, personalised T-shirts are great because who doesn't need a T-shirt!? Make your design one that people will enjoy wearing and let the magic happen. Personalised fridge magnets, as you can see, are just the beginning, but are still one of the most popular items to attract customers. Wholesale magnets are a good thought to save money for those large or ongoing promotional efforts that require a particularly big order.

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