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What are personalised Tote Bags?

A tote bag is a bag with parallel handles that emerge from each side of the pouch. The classic tote bag is made from sturdy cloth, sometimes with leather handles. Other common fabrics include canvas and jute. A very popular option nowadays are sustainable and environmentally friendly tote bags made from organic cotton. By personalising a tote bag, you can print it with your company logo, photo or own design to resell or hand out at promotional campaigns. Many times these branded tote bags become regular shopping bags for groceries, which gives your printed logo on the outside great exposure.

What are the benefits of personalised Tote Bags?

Due to the useful properties of a tote bag, you can be sure that it will be brought everywhere. With your print on the side of the tote bag you will reach a larger audience and become memorable at any fair or event. By personalising a tote bag you also take a stand for the environment, as they are commonly used as a replacement for single-use plastic bags. The sturdy fabric will last many uses, a study by the UK Environment Agency found that a cotton canvas tote bag has to be used at least 131 times before they match the carbon expenditure of a disposable plastic bag.

Who uses personalised Tote Bags?

Although tote bags have had a major upswing in popularity among teenagers and young adults in recent years are they also used by people of all ages. Younger kids and teenagers use their tote bags to school as they are the perfect size and shape for carrying books and papers. For adults they are the perfect essential as shopping bags, thanks to their durable material and the possibility to reuse again and again. Personalised tote bags is a very common and popular product that you can be sure will be used frequently, showing off your logo each time.

How to choose the best personalised Tote Bags for your company?

Depending on the image you want to associate your business with, there are many options to choose from. The best way to go is to first find a bag that best represents the image you want to portray to your existing and potential clients. Everything matters, from colour and material to printing technique and style. Once you have chosen the perfect tote bag for your business, personalise it with your company logo or designs or even print with your favourite photos.

Where on the Tote Bags can you print your logo or design?

Your personalised print will be made on the side of the bag, giving it great visibility and a printing area large enough for any design. For our tote bags we use different printing techniques depending on the fabric, but most used is one-colour screen printing or full-colour digital printing. Some of our tote bags can even be printed on both sides!

How can you promote your business with personalised Tote Bags?

When you promote with tote bag printing, people line up to take them off your hands because they are so useful people know they will use them for years and years. Due to how easy personalised tote bags are to design on our website and their affordability, they are an essential promotional item that can be bought in bulk to always have them ready to take to events. We love the idea of reducing our carbon footprint, and one way of doing this is by reducing the amount of items made from plastic, therefore, we have created a range of organic canvas bags and shopper bags. There is no better publicity than that which promotes the use of eco-friendly materials. Let us help get people carrying around your logo and brand all over town on eco-friendly organic cotton, and jute bags.

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