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Personalised Bags for any occasion

With Camaloon you can create promotional bags and bag a bargain, at the same time!

Bags that suit everyone | Camaloon

Bags that suit everyone

We have promotional bags that can be personalised for everybody and for every purpose. Explore our different models and styles to discover those that fit your promotional needs perfectly!

Personalised Bags with the best results | Camaloon

Personalised Bags with the best results

Our online design tool allows for a super easy designing experience and enables you to visualise the colours. We also have different printing techniques available based on the design in order to achieve the best result for any material.

Discover our range of products to match with your Personalised Bags!

A mixed bag of promotional items, personalised after your business needs

What are Personalised Bags?

A Bag, also known as a Sack, is a common tool in form of a non-rigid container, in which you can store and carry items. A Sack is a rectangular shaped bag. The word Bag probably has it origins in the Norse word Baggi but is also comparable to the Welsh word baich (load, bundle) and the Greek word Βάσταγμα (bástagma, load). The use of bags predates recorded history, the earliest bags being made from animal skin, cotton and woven plant fibres. Since humans were just a bunch of hunters and gatherers, we have relied on bags to easily transport more items than could be carried in the hands. Bags have been fundamental for the development of human civilization and are still an item that is used by people everywhere, every day. Nowadays, bags have evolved into a range of different styles and adapted for different purposes. There are convenient tote bags, a simple pouch usually made from cotton and with two shoulder straps attached at the opening. Another common bag is the backpack, a bag with many compartments that you carry on your back with shoulder straps, hence the name ‘backpack’. These convenient products are perfect to personalise with your own print, such as a company logo, photo or design.

What are the benefits of Personalised Bags?

By personalising bags you put your company logo, design or text on the fabric to promote your brand. This is a huge opportunity to reach a larger audience with little effort. If you hand out bags printed with your business information you can be sure that the recipients will use them everywhere, promoting your company name wherever they go. Tote bags or giveaway bags are economical and popular promotional products that no-one will say no to. Fill them with personalised pens with your company logo and offer them at a fair or event. Reusable shopping bags, sometimes called a carrier bag or a bag-for-life in the UK, are sturdy bags in durable material that are made to last for years. By personalising reusable shopping bags you also raise awareness regarding reducing the use of plastic bags, while at the same time making sure your logo is seen in every supermarket or shopping centre.

Who uses Personalised Bags?

Bags are used by people of all ages, and we cater to each of their needs. For school-age toddlers and kids that need personalised backpacks to hold their books or lunch, we have bags specifically adapted for small backs that have adjustable shoulder straps. Teenagers and adults often find tote bags or laptop backpacks to be the most useful bags for their day-to-day life. By personalising bags in modern styles you can be sure that they will be carried around everywhere, showing off your company logo or brand.

How to choose the best Personalised Bags for your business?

To decide on which style of bag you want to personalise with your company logo it is important to first consider the goal of your promotion. Personalised tote bags are your best choice if you are looking to quickly spread your brand as far and wide as possible. If you, on the other hand, want to create a lasting relationship with important clients, we have backpacks that will be highly appreciated by any recipient due to their high quality and storage capabilities. The most important thing to remember is that the bags you choose to personalise are in line with your company brand.

Where on the Bags can you print your design or logo?

Your personalised prints will be made on the side or back of the bags, some of our tote bags can even be printed on both sides of the pouch. We use different printing techniques depending on the fabric of the bags, to ensure the best result for any print. For logos or promotional messages in one colour we use screen printing, this is an economical printing option that is suitable for printing a large number of promotional bags. For prints in many colours we use digital printing in full-colour, this technique creates a high-quality print in vibrant colours perfect for photos or designs.

How can you conduct a successful campaign with Personalised Bags?

We offer personalised bags that can be used for any occasion. Our most popular promotional bags are the tote bags and gift bags that can be handed out as giveaways at events and fairs. These bags are ideal to personalise with your company logo and fill with your personalised pens or badges, along with a brochure on what services your company offers. Many companies also choose to personalise bags that are aimed at their target clients, such as our anti-theft laptop backpacks for tech-companies or drawstring bags for gyms or sports teams. This way you can rest assured that you will reach your target audience. Let us help get people carrying around your logo and brand all over town on personalised bags!

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