2019 Spiral-bound desktop calendars

2019 Spiral-bound desktop calendars

Design spiral-bound calendars for your business

£3.52 per unit for orders over 25 units. (without VAT). Discounts for large orders.

Features of the Camaloon spiral-bound desktop calendars:

  • Sizes:
    • 15 x 14 cm
    • 20 x 10 cm
      You'll be able to see the size for each corresponding template.
  • Front page + 6 pages with two months on each page + a blank back cover
  • 170 gr/m2 FSC MIX CREDIT certified coated matte paper
  • CMYK digital printing
  • As customizable elements, you can include your logo and contact details (for example, your address, telephone number and email).

Why should you consider using the personalised spiral-bound desktop calendars to create your advertising strategy?

The desk calendars with detachable pages are a useful, economical and long-lasting publicity tool that always provide great results:

  • They're useful for both your clients and your business: clients can use them as a tool for keeping themselves organized at work (in the same way that a personalised wall calendar is useful at home) and you can use them as another way of showing off your brand.
  • They're economical, as you can keep your brand's presence throughout the whole year by making just one single investment in a print run of spiral-bound desktop calendars
  • They are also long-lasting, not just because at Camaloon we always ensure that we only offer top quality personalised items, but also because your clients will see them every day which means that your business will obtain a strong and steady brand presence.

In order for these benefits to really provide a return on investment for your business, rely on Camaloon to print personalised desk calendars to promote your brand. We'll help you so that your spiral-bound desktop calendars or your print tent calendars fulfil your business goals with an attractive and customizable design, which allows you to send out a clear message about your business.