Personalised magnets - Camaloon

Personalised magnets

Flexible magnets that go with your brand

Freedom and creativity for showing off your business. Make your personalised fridge magnets catch everyone’s attention. Available in three thicknesses.

Personalised rigid fridge magnets

Strong with great gripping power. These are the main features that your client will also see when you print your logo

Screen-printed magnets

For orders of over 1.000 units with designs of up to 4 colours, the screen-printed magnets are the best solution.
Top quality -  Camaloon
Top quality

All of our products are top quality. We take care of every detail.

Personalise easily -  Camaloon
Personalise easily

Create or import your designs, or choose from multiple online templates.

We revise your design -  Camaloon
We revise your design

We do a free check of every order to make sure that the print is perfect.

Express Order -  Camaloon
Express Order

Choose our Express service and receive your order in record time.

Flexible magnets thicknesses: what's so special about them?

Choose the thickness of promotional flexible magnets according to your objectives.
Flexible magnets 0.4 mm thick - Camaloon

Flexible magnets 0.4 mm thick

Ideal for campaigns with a wide audience: lightweight and with an unbeatable price.

Flexible magnets 0.75 mm thick - Camaloon

Flexible magnets 0.75 mm thick

The perfect accompaniment for trade fairs: make a better and lasting first impression.

Flexible magnets 1 mm thick - Camaloon

Flexible magnets 1 mm thick

Perfect for resellers: with a greater strength, they won’t leave your customers’ sight.

Clients who've relied on us:
Uber Eats
Panini Comics

How to sell more with custom magnets?

Discover a better way to reach more customers and increase their engagement. Straight from the door of your fridge to the door of your business.

More than a fridge magnet. Personalised magnets are perfect for your promotional campaigns and have a lot of visibility. We have a wide range of personalised magnets in different shapes and sizes, they are made of high quality materials and are produced accurately. We can print your fridge magnets in any colour at no additional cost and always within record time. Flexible magnets are ideal for spreading your creativity and can also be combined with your own creations; a castle, a flower, an animal, geometric shapes, chess pieces. The sky is the limit!