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Print on canvas bags

Why choose the canvas bags for printing your designs or your logo to advertise yourself?

It's simple, just start with the words themselves:

• Printing: printing is the process by which writings, a logo or a graphic are imprinted on an object. Mechanism historically born to print writings on paper, with the advent of new technologies it has also been possible to print drawings and on every type of object.

There has also been the advent of infinite printing methods such as pad printing, full color transfer, screen printing, laser printing, etc.

You will only have to choose the most suitable printing technique to represent the graphics you want to have on your customized canvas bags based mainly on the colors and tactile result you prefer.

This allows you to have a lot of versatility in customizing the prints on your promotional tote bags!

• Bag: with “bag” we mean any type of bag with handles or with a shoulder strap that allows you to carry smaller everyday objects usually made of resistant materials: from plastic to cotton textures. So you are going to customize a product that all your customers will use on the most varied occasions.

At the same time, however, when we talk about bags, we also think of a fashion object that is an integral part of a person's way of dressing and that must match the rest of the clothing. This means that if the prints on your custom bags have trendy graphics, they will be very successful and your customers will wear them more and more often.

Finally, the fundamental characteristic of the bags is that they are carried around and that the prints above are always in plain sight which, translated, means that your advertising will also affect all those who will meet the wearers of your personalized bags. Which will be captured by the strong presence of your logo that will be able to enjoy the large print area.

• Cloth: the cloth, technically, is the process by which the threads of a textile material are intertwined to create a homogeneous fabric of any type and with different techniques, always respecting the principle of the warp (ie vertical threads) and of the weft (i.e. of the horizontal threads). Nevertheless, erroneously, in the common language with "canvas" we mean the fabrics themselves woven in this way and not the method of weaving itself.

Back to the point, the advantage that printing on a canvas bag can give you is the absorbency of the color that will make your print durable. In addition, consider that canvas bags are the latest trend in everyday bags and promotional gadgets: this will ensure that your brand is up to date and follows the latest trends in giving gifts to its customers with printing. of fashion canvas bags.

Choose the material that best suits your purposes and apply your prints to win over your customers and see a surge in the success of your business. In particular, printing on cotton bags is having particular success

What is the winning combination with canvas bag printing for your events?

The answer is simple. Creating customized sweatshirts will be the right game to show affection to your customers with a promotional product that will always keep your brand in sight. Particularly if you will print sweatshirts with your company logo .

Pair them with your Camaloon printed tote bags and success is guaranteed!

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