Thanks to its daily and repeated use, the advertising mug is a promotional goodie of choice to distribute during your events, shows and fairs. With the personalization of your text, logo or visual, our insulated cups and mugs will sponsor all your advertising campaigns. Print your logo with the best quality and spread your brand to a large audience. With a personalized corporate mug, your employees will never go unnoticed during the coffee break!

Mugs with logo for all occasions

Create a personalized mug adapted to your communication

Advertising mug for your promotions | Camaloon

Advertising mug for your promotions

Promote your brand to a large audience by customizing mugs with your logo or visual. Distribute your personalized mugs at your corporate events, trade shows or trade fairs. Choose the model of mug that best matches your image: white ceramic mug, plastic and bamboo fiber mug, bamboo and stainless steel insulated mug or even ceramic and slate mug. We have a large selection of advertising products to support your promotional campaigns.

Business mug as a business gift | Camaloon

Business mug as a business gift

Business gifts are a good way to maintain good relationships with your employees and boost your business communication. Pay special attention to them by offering them unique and trendy personalized mugs. Finding a place on their desk, these customizable objects, which are used daily, will allow your brand to be seen and reviewed. Print your logo on our advertising mugs and mugs and allow your employees to become ambassadors for their company.

Personalized mugs for resale | Camaloon

Personalized mugs for resale

Our advertising cups and mugs are suitable for any type of communication. We have a wide range of customizable products to meet your different communication needs. We offer a selection of cups and mugs ideal for resale. Thanks to our online personalization tool, you can design your logos on the product of your choice and visualize the result before ordering in the preview window. Depending on the model chosen, we print your mug by screen printing or by sublimation.

Unique advertising mugs for your events

How to succeed in your campaigns with personalized mugs

What are the advantages of promotional mugs?

The advertising mugs and cups have a large printing surface ideal for personalizing your logos and corporate visuals. Thanks to their daily and repeated use, personalized mugs ensure the dissemination of your brand on a large scale. Useful, transportable and durable, our promotional mugs will accompany your customers and employees on a daily basis, wherever they go and for many years to come. Advertising mugs and cups thus remain a safe bet for promoting your brand. Adapted to all types of communication, advertising mugs are used as much for resale as promotional campaigns or business gifts. The advantage of customizable mugs is that they know a multitude of applications and a multitude of good reasons to accompany your communication by the object.

How to choose the best mug for your business communication?

To promote your company and your services, opt for mugs with a logo or [photo mugs] ( adapted to your image. Find among our wide choice of products to personalize the one that best corresponds to your image. Opt for a mug that suits you: from the vintage ceramic mug to the plastic and bamboo fiber mug, including the stainless steel insulated mug with lid, the objectives in terms of communication are very different. It's up to you to define which logo mug or mug will best convey the values of your company.

Where to print your logo or visual on your corporate mugs?

We have a wide choice of mugs and cups to personalize according to your needs. Choose the model that best matches your image and the surface that best suits your message. Thanks to our online personalization tool, you can edit your mug directly on our site. Upload your logo in the creation window and apply it to your mug in the printable area provided for this purpose and indicated by broken lines. The printable area varies depending on the model chosen. If the dimensions of your visual are not sufficient, an error message will appear to ensure the quality of the print. Depending on the model chosen, we print your mug by screen printing, sublimation or laser engraving.

How to carry out a good marketing campaign thanks to advertising mugs?

Distributing promotional items such as photo mugs, personalized thermos or personalized water bottles at your events, trade shows or company parties is a good strategy to promote your brand and share your values. To ensure the success of your promotional campaign, bet on mugs that look like you and print your logo in such a way that it is visible and can be recognized instantly. Through repetition, your brand will remain etched in people's minds and increase the popularity of your business. There are many opportunities to gift personalized cups and mugs, so don't miss the boat and be there at every coffee break in the hands of your employees.

Why choose Camaloon for the printing of your advertising mugs?

Operational efficiency | Camaloon

Operational efficiency

Our experts carefully select the most suitable cups and mugs to accompany your advertising campaigns. At Camaloon, we supply ourselves directly from the source and test each model of mug with the different printing techniques before offering them on our site to ensure that our products remain of quality and continue to satisfy our customers.

Technology and shopping experience | Camaloon

Technology and shopping experience

Our presentation windows make it easy to view our various customizable products such as mugs and logo mugs. Thanks to our online personalization tool, you can also design your visuals directly on the surface of the selected product, by uploading your logo or text in the creation space and embedding it on the surface of your mug. .

Production quality | Camaloon

Production quality

Your advertising cups and mugs are printed in-house. We thus guarantee the quality of orders throughout the production process and ensure short creation and delivery times. Our experts validate the design of each product rigorously and remain at your service after receipt of your order for any request for additional information.

Maximum quality  -  Camaloon

Maximum quality

Articles of maximum quality.
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Easy personalisation

Create and edit your designs from our online tool.
We review your designs -  Camaloon

We review your designs

We validate every order for free so that the printing is perfect.
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Express delivery

Receive your order in record time. Delivery with tracking.
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