Which products are sold the most in summer?

Here are 5 star products of this summer, which your clients will like the most.

1 - T-shirts

T-shirts will blow them away, and are definitely the stars of the spring-summer catalogue. This year, our t-shirts have been adapted to your needs and that's why they've been top sellers. One of the new areas has been the upper printing area, perfect for adding slogans and logos. It is connected to the whole printing area, recommended for bigger designs. Recently we have added the following to the offer on t-shirts: Silk-screen printing for orders of over 50 units which allows us to accurately reproduce your Pantones and corporate colours. The sensation that t-shirts cause is due to the fact that they are always a fashionable product and this is checked over every year with the range of fashionable colours. Here we can see the 2017 palette.

At Camaloon, we add new colours every season to our palette so that your brand and ideas can be combined with the trendiest items.

2 - Tank tops

Personalised tank tops are a perfect product for boosting your business in summer. They have a sporty look and are very comfortable. These features go well with open-air sports, leisurely activities, bars and terraces. With tank tops you have a starting point and you can get them in the coolest colours for boosting your business when the temperature increases.

3 -Clear stickers

The latest Camaloon product that we've opened the gates to, or rather, the windows. The new clear stickers are made of top quality vinyl and are specially designed for showing off your brand on displays, glass surfaces and windows. They are comfortable, resistant, long-lasting and do not leave residue behind.If you want to show your clients the latest products, don't hesitate, as the transparent stickers will advertise all of your promos in the clearest way.

4 - Tote bags

Another of the TOP Camaloon products are the tote bags. We've added a collection of essential and original shades to the classic colours such as light brown and black, in order to promote your brand. Pink, turquoise, navy blue, yellow, green and much more. You can also choose the most modern models such as the organic ones made of organic cotton with a more ergonomic cut, and the Shopper model which is ultra resistant.The tote bags are the perfect gift for getting your clients to go to the beach with you this summer.

5 - Magnetic bottle openers

Without a doubt, the magnetic bottle openers are the kings of the party. An easy-to-use, practical and unique product for bringing you closer to your favourite drinks. The most creative promotional gift for surprising your clients and for keeping them company at their barbecues and picnics. The bottle openers have also become a star gift for weddings, parties and celebrations. Boost your business with bottle openers and your clients will see you every day on their fridge.

/ federico