Where to place your logo on a T-shirt

When we want to personalise a T-shirt with our logo, we often ask ourselves where to place it. Where would be the best place for your brand? What are the perfect measurements for adding your slogan? In order to answer these questions and many more, and to offer you a tailor-made solution for your promos, we've developed the new upper printing area. The new printing area is an addition to the whole area, so you have two options depending on your designs.

Depending on the design of your logo or image, choose the one that suits it best from the two printing areas. You will find below a more detailed explanation so that you can make the right decision.


The upper area is perfect for large quantities, and is specially designed for adding your logo and messages. It takes the shape of a horizontal strip. It is at chest height which is the best place for making your brand stand out. This upper area is known as wordmark and is a feature used by businesses across the world, for example: Coca-Cola, Polaroid, Canon or Google. If you want the name of your brand to be etched into our minds, using this printing area is the best idea.

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Symbols and icons

If your campaigns and promos have designs based on symbols and icons or you simply want to use up more space on the T-shirt, the whole area is the one for you. The whole area has a rectangular shape similar to that of a piece of A4 paper, and this will give you greater visibility. Using symbols and icons, you'll create a more intense visual connection with your customers, without them having to even read the name of your brand.

Emblem or escutcheon logos

If your logo is an emblem or an escutcheon, you can play around with it in the same way that big brands and sports teams do. The best place, without a doubt, is near to the heart. Therefore, select the upper printing area but only place it in the area just above the chest (to the right on your preview, so that it is where the heart is). It is a stylish way of placing your logo and boosting the team spirit among your employees.

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Now that you have all the information you need and some recommendations, it is time to create your T-shirts with full confidence in knowing that they will look perfect! Choose your area and make the best impression.

As manufacturers, at Camaloon we have full control of the whole process from order to shipping, to assure the greatest quality of the product and efficiency of the service. We offer fast delivery in 48 hours and large bulk-order discounts. On our website you can easily upload your designs and logos, or get creative with our designing tool. Before checking out, you can preview the products with your prints to ensure it looks exactly as you imagined. We will also validate your design once we receive the order to ensure it is in the correct formats and quality for printing.

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