What are the best summer promotional giveaways?

With summer in full flow, summer promotional products are a necessity for all companies hoping to make an impact with their giveaways during these coming sunny months. When you think of summer, you think of fun, and for this reason, it is only fitting that your customers receive fun promotional gifts that they can really enjoy. Keeping that in mind, let us take you through our top 10 summer promotional items.

1. Flip-Flops

Our flip-flops are an item really appreciated during summer. Not only do they have casual-wear comfort, but an anti-slip pattern on the flat soles for greater traction when chilling at the pool. The stand out feature of these custom flip-flops is the edge-to-edge sublimation printing. This gives you the freedom to print larger designs in full-color, but also means greater visibility for your brand while they are at the side of your clients’ sun loungers.

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2. Lip Balms

Second up on our list is our vanilla scent lip balms (lip salve). One of the most searched for items in summer in a convenient small square case, easy to find in your bag. What better an opportunity to remind your clients that you’re there to help at their time of need to seal moisture in their chapped or dry lips. They are dermatologically tested and protect, nourish and repair the lips along with their fragrance. Print your logo on the case and gift your customers an item that has a use that they can be thankful for.

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3. Rubber rings

Rubber rings or swim rings are a classic summer inflatable water toy for children. Have your logo alongside the sandcastles at the beach or poolside with children snorkeling. Our custom rubber rings can even be used as decoration for events where you want your brand to inflate too.

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4. Inflatable pillow

The inflatable pillows are a perfect match for outdoor events. With a large printing area, you can really make the most of your item to call attention to your brand while providing some cushioning. Considering how easy they can be inflated and deflated for storage, use your custom inflatable air cushions to make the summer of your clients a more comfortable one.

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5. Drinks cooler bags

The cooler or thermal bags are like a personal insulated shipping container in the form of a bag. Designed to fit 6 cans of your choice but equally effective for holding your lunch, and made of thermally insulating materials, the custom drinks coolers can help your clients stay cool during the summer by keeping their cold items cold. Insulated bags have been used in industry for many years, now use them in our promotions. Customize with your logo and stay in your clients’ good books.

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6. Sunglasses

Sunglasses, shades, spectacles, whatever you call them, everyone needs a pair to prevent the bright sunlight from damaging and discomforting their eyes during the summer days. With round-frame models and classic square-framed models to choose from both with UV400 protection, customize them with your logo and hand them out as promotional gifts at your summer events.

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7. Waterproof mobile phone cover

Be original with the waterproof mobile phone covers and have a marketing tool that has a great function for summer. Choose the best color to match with your logo or design and help your customers avoid an incident. You can even still use the touch screen when you are using the mobile phone covers, allowing you to take photos and have the freedom to use your phone more at pool parties and other events.

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8. Inflatable beach balls

These inflatable balls for beach and water games are the perfect solution for affordable publicity at outdoor events and fairs. Thanks to their light weight, they take little effort to propel. Similarly, it can take little effort to propel your brand when using a tool like this to print your logo. They can even be customized and used purely as decoration for a themed event.

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9. Beach tennis rackets

Our custom beach tennis rackets are the best solution for your clients to associate your brand with fun. It is always better when the moment that they are reminded of your services or products is that of enjoyment. They will be used in a public space where many people can see your design. Complete with a ball, you can gift this product and hours of fun to your customers.

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10. Jute and cotton tote bags

When people attend trade fairs and events the only problem with being handed so many free promotional items is knowing what to do with them all. As a company, you want to be sure that your items with your logo make it back to their homes and daily lives. This is where our jute and cotton bags step in. Fill your tote bags, making most of the large printing space for your logo, with your promotional gifts to hand over to potential customers. Often used as reusable shopping bags or simply as more eco-friendly replacements for disposable plastic bags, the custom tote bags are certain to be kept for future use during beach days, and summer days out.

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As you can see, at Camaloon we have a bit of everything available for your summer promotional product needs. If you still can’t decide which product will best fit into your marketing plans, check out some more info for our products.

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