Giving good vibes to every design

Welcome Maite to our team! Maite is in charge of approving files for print and tagging the designs of each and every order that passes through Camaloon's doors

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Fun, a problem-solver and a hard worker. Over the years, I've earned myself the nickname "mai-gyver."

What do you like most about Camaloon?

I love how warm and approachable the team is at Camaloon. And I really love the company's youthful spirit

What was your impression of the company on your first day?

I was a bit nervous as everyone is when they start a new job but everybody at Camaloon made me feel really comfortable.

What's your job at Camaloon?

My job consists of approving files for print and tagging them to improve the company's knowledge of our clients.

Tell us a little anecdote about yourself. We're extremely nosy

When I was living in London I missed Spanish food. In fact, I missed good bread so much that I began to make it at home. Now I'm a bread lover and a big fan of celebrated bread-maker Iban Yarza.

/ federico