Using word of mouth to acquire customers

It might seem counter-intuitive in these days where social media seems to be everywhere, but word of mouth is still a great technique to create buzz around a new product, service or brand. There are several ways to go about this. Today, Tobevy's founder Paolo will talk about their strategy to give their brand visibility and how it is being executed.

Tobevy is a service that connects users to make joint purchases. So how does it work?

Tobevy is an app based in the cost sharing concept. So for example users can order drinks online and share the cost with users in the neighboring area; the more orders there are, the cheaper the prices get. So for us, word of mouth is a key element here, because users take a direct benefit -lower prices- of other users joining their purchase, and so are enticed to spread the word. This is a time in which we generally love to share online, whether it is photos or travel itirenaries, and now you can also share purchases with Tobevy. Sometimes we use a product or service because someone we trust has recommended it.

With that goal in mind, how do you use promotional products to get to know your service?

I believe small promotional gifts do help to generate awareness. Used in the right context, they help to keep the brand top of mind with friends and colleagues.

What products did you create with Camaloon and how did you use them?

We found Camaloon in Google -go figure- and fell in love with the magnet openers, they are perfect for us! so we just created a design and easily ordered online. Since then, we have used the magnet openers to promote our brand in an event in Torino. They were such a success that we have purchased many more for the next one! (laughs). So we are really product with the quality and service, you can count as as loyal customers.

In your opininon, what are the best goodies to give away in events?

It depends on the event and what you are trying to achieve. For instance, universities and schools use the opener and notebooks to take notes. These are useul objects in that context, and at the same time create that word of mouth about our brand.

What has been the response to the Tobevy-branded products?

It was very positive. Some time ago we ran an online campaign where users who purchased 3 or more beers were awarded with a bottle opener, and beer sales increased by a whooping 170% that month! folks still ask us if we have some openers left!

Increase the word of mouth with gadgets

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