Is creativity a gift that only a few possess?

Introduce yourself in two lines.

My name is Marta Colomer, a graphic designer by profession and an illustrator by accident. The accident was the tsunami of the crisis that dragged me into a sea of doubt from where I came out afloat with renewed strength and full of projects.

Where does your passion for art come from?

I have never been a great student but if I remember right and I go back to my schooldays, the history of art classes were my passion. I don't know, but maybe some teacher who was tired of my apathy for maths or physics unconsciously sewed in my mind an artistic gene which in time took root and grew.

Ask yourself a question, give an answer.

Is creativity a gift that only a few possess?

Well, no, definitely not, as far as I can see we all have a greater or smaller dose of creativity, we only have to feed it and release it, I think that, besides, it is a very recommendable therapy for moving forward in this society we live in.

Are there any other Camaloon artists you like?

Of course there are!! There are creators of a very high standing, there are many that I like but without taking up too much time I'll just name Amaia Arrazola and Nuria Díaz; they have a sensibility that moves me.

How would you describe your style?

Complexly simple, that is, I get a clean result, soft colours, it could almost be considered naif, using a very elaborate creative process.

Let's talk about your creations on Camaloon.

I am very happy with the finish, they are products with a proven quality and I enjoy seeing my tuttis turned into magnets or mirrors, I would never have imagined that they were going to be so vain.

Visit the Tutticonfetti gallery

The project you're proudest of.

I particularly like ‘The Aviator’, it is one of my early illustrations and I have a special fondness for it. I believe in the vinyl format, the result is spectacular.

Los vinilos Tutticonfetti de Camaloon

Tell us a story about yourself or your work.

Well, one of the best things about this job is that contact with your followers -although it's virtual- is very gratifying. For example, I have quite a few clients in the USA and some days ago when I got up and went through my emails I found one congratulating me for an illustration of Don Draper (the protagonist of ‘Mad Men’). This person had been given it as a present and with that very American courteousness he had taken the trouble to write to me, then he told me he was one of the producers of the first series. I was gobsmacked!!!! It is my favourite TV series.

What is Camaloon for you?

It is a fantastic platform for getting a whim of the kind: Buy it, you're worth it!!! Of course for giving really original gifts too.

A final comment?

It's been a pleasure to work with you and I only hope that we continue to collaborate in the future.

/ federico