Clear stickers for your business

With Camaloon, you can now create clear stickers that adapt to any smooth surface. They're perfect for making your brand stand out on window panes, windows and displays.

These new transparent stickers are made of vinyl, a top-quality, resistant material with super sticking power. They withstand the outdoors and you can even clean them down with a wipe or a cloth. They have a glossy finish which will show off your logo and messages. Clear stickers are a great way to communicate your values. If you've got a restaurant or shop, you can print your menu or new products onto clear vinyl stickers and stick them on windows, doors and displays.

Your messages will stand out thanks to the vinyl's quality and printing technology that we use so that your stickers turn out perfect. With clear stickers, your offers and promos will stand out on your window displays and all your customers will spot them as they walk by.

What's more, you can make your stickers any shape you want so that they adapt to your needs.Choose between round, square, rectangular, oval or custom shapes to fit to your logo's outline and design. Rectangular and square stickers can have rounded or straight edges and clear custom-shaped stickers can be die-cut or kiss-cut.

Easy to stick.

Clear stickers are easy to stick on and peel off without leaving any adhesive residue. This makes it super easy if you want to change your shop's decoration every season or promote your new stock.

Large orders.

With Camaloon, you've got tailor-made prices for large orders and a catalogue of made-to-measure solutions as is the case for screen-printed transparent stickers. Start designing your new clear stickers and surprise your clients with the clearest campaigns.

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