Get ready for our tote bags in 6 tasty new colours

Step aside, white and black tote bag - now there are 6 new shades to choose from. Take a look!

A burst of colour

Every so often at Camaloon we like to give our products a right royal shake-up. Take our tote bags, for example. Like all great things, they began life in black and white. Now colour has come along to get you dreaming. Choose from dark grey, medium grey, burgundy, rose, caramel and chocolate. Add your photos, designs and messages and hey presto! you'll own a quality tote unlike any other.

Bolsas de tela de nuevos colores

A little something for everyone

Choose your favourite shade and get to work personalising totes to suit your taste!

If you're looking for something unisex that blends with absolutely anything, go for the greys. They make fantastic shopping bags as well as a trusty carry-on for the commute.

Need a pick-me-up for dull days? You couldn't do better than go for a tote in one of the warmer tones: rose, caramel and burgundy.

Which leaves chocolate for those with impeccable taste!

/ kate.busby