Things with faces

At least once happened to everyone of you to discover some objects with faces with a specific mood: Expressive faces, funny, angry faces.

Although the actual cause of this phenomenon have a scientific name and a psychological reason (pareidolia) it's funny for us to think that we are surrounded by faces looking at us, following us, watching us! ;)

washmashine with hangover

thing with object 2

'Cause surely you are surrounded by these funny objects and we thought

Why not create a contest coolest objects that surround you in your everyday life?

Here came the idea of Things With Faces Contest (We'll publish it next Monday: July 8)

So stay tuned!

We have decided to reward the three most voted objects with faces with a set of flexible magnets where you can print your object.

Entering the contest we will give you a Coupon discount in Camaloon!

You have all weekend to think about what objects you want to shot and upload to the contest page! ;)

Also if you have an iPhone and you want to capture one of these objects with a face you can use our new free app on the iTunes store, the fastest way to create your magnets with the best pictures that you take with your camera phone.

New Camaloon App for Iphone

/ federico