7 things that customers look for when choosing personalised products


The first thing that a customer looks at when choosing a personalised product is the quality. The customer will mainly be concerned about associating their brand or brand image with a product that is on the same level in terms of quality. That's why Camaloon's priority is to provide the best product in terms of quality, both for material and printing.


Another factor that interests the customer when requesting a quote and buying personalised products. That's why at Camaloon our prices can be adjusted to meet all budgets. We offer volume discounts and tailor-made prices for large quantities.


When we talk about merchandising, we consider printing to be an aspect of paramount importance. For each product, we've studied the type of printing that is the perfect match for the material we're working with. We also take into account the material that we're working with and the resolution that the image must have in relation to the product. Only this way can we offer a personalised item with a design that accurately represents the images chosen by the customer.


Due to their materials and composition, we're often asked about the resistance of the personalised products that we sell at Camaloon. For our product range we've chosen high end and long-lasting product categories. Among the products that stand out for their resistance are the vinyl stickers, perfect for being placed outside and withstanding the worst weather conditions.


Personalisation also means variety. This is why we offer more than one option in our range of products. For products with a small cut, such as badges, mirrors or magnets, it's possible to select different sizes, shapes and finishes. Depending on the type of promo, campaign or event, Camaloon offers a wide range of alternatives. Variety can also be found among other personalised products such as T-shirts, in which case we've added an organic cotton collection to the classic cotton collection. These models are the first option for those who are looking for items that are even softer to the touch and in fashion.


Choosing personalised items at Camaloon also deals with another public demand: finding products that are fashionable. That's why all of the brands and models we offer are at the forefront of the market. For example, for personalised caps, brands such as Roly, Sol's, Beechfield and Result Headwear are the most popular and are available at Camaloon. Personalised pens are also fashionable on the market and are available in ecological, metallic and multi-use models, perfect for using with tablets and smartphones.


Nowadays, if you want to impress a customer, you must accompany your personalised item proposal with useful and original products for handing out at events and conferences. Among the most impressive items are the magnetic openers, an ideal solution for those looking for a useful and must-have gadget.

/ federico