The perfect give-away for a brewery

Good food needs to be complemented by the right beer. This idea led to the founding of Ivan Borsato Birraio, and it is still an important principle in every beer that the Italian brewery introduces. The popularity of brewing and drinking craft beers has seen an incredible rise, and this is due to multiple reasons. To just name a few, retailers are getting more craft beers on their shelves, beer drinkers love to experiment, and the beers simply taste very good.

Give-away bottle openers Camaloon

Creating the best promotional give-aways

The increase in popularity of craft beers also brings up a challenge, since brands have to differentiate themselves from the rest in a world full of suppliers. Ivan Borsato Birraio is marketing its brand in many ways, and give-aways is one of them. What give-away fits best with a beer brand? Right, bottle openers! It helps the brewery to get visibility, but it is also just a nice and handy product to distribute among clients.

Give-away bottle openers Camaloon

Differentiating the brand by design

Some of you might have recognized the designs on the bottle labels and openers already. They are created by Kukuxumusu, which means ‘flea kiss’ in Basque, and consist of distinctive and humorous illustrations. Each label tells a little story about the particular beer, for example about the origins or situations in which it is most suitable to drink. The same type of design is used on the magnets with bottle openers, and the consistent use of the designs helps the company to promote itself with a strong brand story.

Just as bottle openers are the perfect product in this case, Camaloon offers the perfect give-away for your company as well. You might for example be interested in notebooks with your logo or personalized calendars for 2019! Discover it all on our website.

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