The advice of the Muse

Today the muse of arts offers you three ideas of christmas gifts, with an amount of creativity which will seduce the receivers of your presents!

  1. Dazzle the receiver of your present with a personalized mirror badge, the well-known round button, as a mirror. In two sizes: 56 mm Ø or 76 mm Ø. Inexpensive and original gifts, with your design on one side and a mirror on the other. In two sizes: 56 mm Ø either 76 mm Ø, of 0,43 € per piece. With the code MIRROR5 in your purchase, save a 5 %.
  2. Attach the attention of your friends with personalized pin buttons very useful during the winter to close these scarfs which protect us from the cold. Round, square, horizontal or vertical, there are 18 creative finishes available, allowing you to create a unique and original item from 0,13 € to 0,30€ per piece according to the shape and the size chosen.
  3. Invite your friends to enjoy the heat of a warm drink with a personalized mug. From 5 € per piece, use the customizable surface to add a photo, a logo, a text, a memory or a magnificent drawing. It's your choice!