Interview with Tasty Tasty Light

Tasty Tasty Light

Introduce yourself in two lines:

I consider myself to be surrealist artist. I paint, sculpt & do graphic design. I like to disagree. I also like my works to have meaning, to say something, not just be cool for being cool.

What are you centres of interests?

Human nature, silliness of day-to-day social reality, mythology, self-irony, spoofing pop-culture.

Where does come from your passion for art?

I am just manic person. When I see something which I find interesting I have to somehow deal with it within myself and therefore I create something just to wash it out of my organism. And when it’s done I can confront my ideas (now depicted on canvas or screen or whatever) with views of other people which can be the most interesting part of the process.

How do you get inspired?

It’s like a dialogue between me and what comes to me from outside world. My senses consume visual perceptions, literature, findings of (mostly social) sciences, then I come to some conclusion and finally I mould it into some metaphorical image that is suppose to bring additional information to the topic I was dealing with.

Do you have any favourite artist – Famous or not?

Max Ernst, Dalí, Goya, Yes Tanguy, André Masson, Daniel Zerbst whom I’ve met in Cadaqués, Christian Rex van Minnen and of course me (sorry I can’t help mentioning me but I really love what I do).

How do you proceed to create?

I have always enough things to say so I don’t have to push myself into it. I wish I had more time to bring them to life but.

Which product would you like to design for Camaloon?

Collection of bouncy balls, trash bags and maybe also tattoos.

A last comment?

Be honest while creating, be honest while buying – buy products you really identify with or are at least genuinely funny. We need more content, more sophisticated communication between artist and art lovers.

Tasty Tasty Light's Camaloon Gallery

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