It is a calm day at sea around the Woukiakii island, the sun is shining bright, the waves undulate slowly to the sounds of the ukulele player on the beach and the turtles are laying lazily in the sand. As time goes by the noises and laughters coming from the beach are becoming weaker and the sun is sinking giving a red touch to the bright blue sky.

Game and decoration for fridge pirate attack on camaloon

It is with red in the clouds that a loud sound of gunfire bursts in the air not far off the coast. A fierce looking ship with waiving sails and a colorful flag hissed proudly all the way on the top of the mast is gliding rapidly. On board the crew is in tumult: a young lady is running excitedly from one side of the ship to the other holding her sword high up above her head, a skinny boy is mopping the wooden blanks while two older men are talking agitatedly about directions, a crazy compass needle and coordinates.

And right when everyone on board is busy taking care of the daily tasks that keep a ship afloat and alive, another vessel silently and suspiciously approaches. And with the new boat a strong wind rises, the red in the sky becomes more vivid and clouds gather up darkening the atmosphere just like a messenger carrying bad news.

It is the pirates with their dreadful ship who scare the seven seas and attack the rich vessels. It doesn’t take long till the Royal Marine acknowledges the presence of the the scary fighters. From the distance they can here the the scream that call for the battle and with them cannons being prepared to shoot the deadly bombs. No other choice for the Royal Ship than to get ready for the defense.

But the rest of the story is still to tell, you will decide who wins this struggle for the dominance of the seas. And it is you who tells it over and over again. With this new game created by Camaloon you can spend your days in the kitchen playing with Pirate Attack on your fridge.

After months dedicated to custom buttons and magnets we have decided to embark on a new adventure and together with the artist Ismurg we have created this game made of fridge magnets!

Pirate Attack consists of a DinA4 playboard (removable vinyl sticker) with the two vessels and one island as a background and 16 different characters: fierce pirates, servile sailormen and other sea creatures to build a new story every day.