A sticker aquarium

Good morning! Today we have a new team member at the office: Nemo, the fish!

Aquarium with fish sticker

We wanted to have a pet at the office but we don't have a backyard or a big pond to offer, so we were looking for a pet-friend that would be less demanding. Nemo is perfect! He is quiet and let's us concentrate on our work, he does not need too much space so we can keep him close by on our desks and he sticks to his aquarium so we don't have to look for him all the time.

At Camaloon offices you will find a lot of crazy sticker-fans. We love stickers and we use them all the time. We use stickers on our walls to motivate us with a good sentence or important quote, we use stickers on our computers to mark the difference between one alu-case mac and the other, we use stickers on our food in the fridge to make sure nobody eats our favorite strawberry jogurt, we use stickers to write little love notes, to-do lists and compliments! We use stickers everywhere!

And sometimes a sticker can communicate just as much as the rolling of your eyes and the desperate shaking of your head: Somebody makes a not so funny joke, a stupid remark, is wearing a crazy shirt on a Monday morning? We answer with this:

Moleskin book with sticker on it

Are you as crazy about stickers as we are? What do you use them for? Tell us in the comments or in an email.