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Olivia Ong is the vice president of global sales and merchandising at Prabal Gurung, a high-fashion clothing brand at the forefront of the American fashion industry. Being immersed in creativity in her day-to-day working life, there is no wonder her wedding this summer was decorated down to every detail in line with her vision of channelling the effortless French elegance.

Ahead of her wedding, Olivia chose to create personalised jute bags that was gifted to the guests. At Camaloon we were honored to be part of Olivias’ special day and for the opportunity to live on in the hands of her guests!

What made you choose France as the location for your special day?

My husband and I have always had a close affinity for France as he lived in Paris for years and I have been going 4 times a year for over a decade through my work in the fashion industry. We knew we wanted a destination wedding and al France was the obvious choice for us as it is also where we got engaged. We also knew that we wanted a venue large enough to sleep most of our guests that we could take over and offer a fully customized experience, so that’s why we elected a chateau versus a hotel.

What was your inspiration for the decoration and theme of your wedding?

Since the chateau was already so beautiful we wanted to just enhance the effortless French elegance. We took French design elements and personalized them — ie a family crest, and we developed a custom toile print that we used for the dinner napkins, wrapping paper, pajamas, and even the dress I wore for brunch. We wanted the flowers to be bountiful and generous but also very organic and even set up a French style “flower marche” style flower market so people could make their own small bouquets to bring to their rooms.

How did you hear about Camaloon and why did you choose us to create your customized wedding favours?

I knew I wanted a personalized reusable jute bag as the gift bag for our guests so it was reminiscent of summer or French market bags, sustainable, practical and cute! Camaloon was the only resource online that offered custom printing on jute bags for the quality and price so Camaloon was obviously the best choice!

What was the response on the custom just bags, magnets and discount that the guest received?

The bags were adored by all! In fact for weeks after the wedding I am still receiving pictures from my friends as they take their bags to work, school, market, or the beach!

I recently ran into a friend at the airport and she was using it as her carry on! And several of my friends who are getting married in the next year have asked me specifically how to get the same product printing for their wedding.

When it came to choosing which products to customize, what was the most important factor for you?

Definitely the look and ease of customization. Camaloon definitely offered the highest quality base product, many of the bag options I saw available for printing elsewhere were nowhere near the quality of the bags on Camaloon. Our jute bags, not only look exactly like I envisioned for my wedding but also have a sturdy plastic lining inside which make them so practical and sturdy, which is precisely why I think so many of our guests still continue to use the bag in their daily lives. The customization was also so easy, the font options, image uploads, and formatting allowed me to make the exact bag I wanted, so our Boston Terrier, Manny could be prominently displayed!

Photo by Thireey Joubert

How was your experience with Camaloon?

I cannot speak more highly of my experience! The ease of ordering, the quick turnaround and delivery, and the excellent quality of the end product is what really made the whole experience such an amazing one. Without a doubt I will use Camaloon for all my printing and customization going forward the quality really is best in class!!

Find out more about Olivia’s wedding on Vogue. Take advice from her experience and create your wedding just the way you imagine it, with personalized party favour or giveaways that your customers can enjoy even long after the event.

All photos courtesy of Thierry Joubert

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