One icon is worth a thousand frames

Where did the idea of Cortology came from?

The idea came up as a result of the success of two prior initiatives. The first one is related to an exhibition from the Italian Film Archive Foundation, where we display many classic film's designs created in Shortology. The second one, which is always revolving around the cinema world, is related to an experiment that we did on our Facebook page, where we gave the opportunity to 'write' mini scenes with four random symbols: the result was hilarious and very interesting. And thanks to these two projects, we were encouraged to combine our strength and mix the concepts up, creating something really unique.

The idea

The idea is based on a interactive exhibition, in which you can decide what to see, what to peek and to analyse all that has to do with cinematographic symbols from the movies we have always loved. Although there are not only boards in which movies with four symbols are summarized, but also there a surrounding has been created where the movie symbols are 'truly living'.

And you can be a part of it! How? By going to the corner where the writing machine is, picking up one of the available random stories, coming up with a name and facing your imagination off scripting a mini-scene. Or you can also design a big blackboard with your story made of symbols.

There are thousands of ways to create a Shortology story. You just have to find out the best for you!

When and where is the event?

The event will take place from the November 15th to the 23rd. On the 18th we will celebrate the opening in which we will present our book Filmology, edited by Rizzoli. The creative team and myself will be there.

How did you choose the movies that you have 'symbolised'?

Since we wanted a coherence within our activities, we were ruled by our book 'Filmology'. When we created this book, we chose the movies based on two huge indicators: the ones that were too famous and the ones that were considered cult films. The perfect mix for classic lovers and movie culture nerds.

Tell us about the idea of writing a scene for a short film.

As I said before, this idea came up thanks to the experiment that we did on Facebook. Although this time we wanted to take it to the next level. Now you can go on shortology.it/cortology, create a random story with our 4 slot machine, and once you got the four symbols, with creativity and fantasy you start writing a short film. Why 'Cortology' (Short film in Italian means 'Corto')? Because the best ideas will be filmed by professional directors, thanks to a film producer called K48.

We are very proud of this idea and we believe that this is really stimulating for film lovers who have always had the desire to be a part of it, even if it's just for fun.

On Camaloon you have a gallery. Will we see Cortology designs there?

Shortology is always running, either through Cortology or Filmology. I'm sure that some short films will be more popular than others, but we will find out through our audience' feedback. They will be the ones that will decide what 'sees the light'!

You have already published your book Filmology. Will you do something similar regarding this exhibition?

The exhibition will complement the book launch, although we will also create a catalogue that will sum up the Cortology project. The idea is to take this exhibition to other cities and maybe go on the outskirts of Italy.

Il libro di Filmology

For the Cortology opening, Camaloon wanted to hand out a courtesy gesture. Have you thought yet about how are you going to give it away?

Along with Camaloon, we have created a really cool gadget that will thrill our movie lovers buddies. We will give it for free with every purchase made in our 'Shoppology0, where you can find all kinds of unique souvenirs from Shortology: posters, calendars, ceramic statuettes, movie-themed soaps and a special edition poker cards created by Dal Negro. Which means: Fireworks at the store!

See you in the Cortology word! Come, watch, write, have fun, and if you want to, leave us a little bit of your heart.

Matteo Civaschi.

Matteo Civaschi