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Find the best Sheldon Cooper’s T-shirts on Camaloon!

Find the Rubik’s cube and the explanation of rock – paper – scissors lizard on Sheldon C.’s Gallery!

Imagine your friends’ faces when they’ll discover The Big Bang Theory Shelon Cooper’s T-shirts on you!

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If you’re fan of The Big Bang Theory TV Show, you already know that Sheldon’s sentences definitely contributed to the success of the show. On Camaloon, we have many artists who are as fans as you are of this show. They also decided to make a tribute to The Big Bang Theory by printing these T-shirts with come of the best moments of TBBT*!

Evolution The Big Bang Theory Camaloon T-shirts

Shazam The Big Bang Theory Camaloon T-shirts

Rekindle the best moments of TBBT* seasons and be the Sheldon you always wanted to be! If you are the funny one of the group, you will always be able to land a nice joke with a BAZINGA!

Bazinga The Big Bang Theory Camaloon T-shirts

And if you like Penny more, you can also bring her up with this T-shirt: « Knock knock knock Penny ».

Knock Knoc Knock Penny_ The Big Bang Theory_Camaloon T-shirts

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