Give me a link and I'll tell you my story

Give a bite to SEO! Today we are introducing Alessandra, Camaloon's New SEO Assistant

Describe yourself in two lines / three adjectives

Hi everybody, my name's Alessandra and I am ambitious, creative and cheerful.

What do you like the most about working at Camaloon?

I liked the friendly and welcoming atmosphere and the average age: no more than 35! But most of all...the ping-pong table in the common space!

Impressions of your first day.

I immediately perceived a great team work and the fact that everybody (and I mean ALL of us) contributes to the project with both little and big ideas.

What do you do at Camaloon?

I'm in the Marketing Online department, in the SEO team.

Tell us a story about you.

A few weeks after I started working here at Camaloon, the Media Strategist asked me to find 5 minutes to take a picture of me to add it on Itnig's website...Poor Masumi, he had no idea of who he was talking to: it took us 2 days and 2 photo sessions before I found the right one! Once we were done, he started making fun of me with our Social Media Manager saying "No, I don't like this photo, this one either, this one is horrible... Could you please take another one?" It was so much fun!

Thanks for welcoming me here on the blog!

/ federico