Itching to design new artworks, we present to you MJ.

- Two lines to introduce yourself or three adjectives

Hi everyone!

I’m Maria José 24 y/o from Granada (Andalucía) I just finished a graphic design and illustration Master’s Degree and I’ll do an internship for at least 6 months here in the graphic design department. I often get asked how I’d rather be called, the possibilities are endless (something I realized through the years) but the most commons nicknames I actually got are MJ (pronounced as ‘emejota’) and Mary Jou.

- What did you like the most of Camaloon?

The thing that I like (and impressed me the most) of Camaloon are the good vibes between the different work teams and partners which I personally think is one of the main things that define the company in general. And also, the flexibility and the freedom when producing my artworks.

- Your first day at Camaloon, what happened?

On my first day I got an interview with Isaac where we talked about what my tasks would be in Camaloon and the contributions I could make in different sectors, such as: graphic design, photography/video and RRSS. Also, we visited the Camaloon’s factory near the main building.

- Tell us a story about you. We are very nosy! ;)

A funny fact about me: I still play Pokémon video games! (Geek mode ON), I got 406 so far but well, we could say I’m taking it easy as a ‘Pokémon Master’ due to I’ve less time that when I was younger. Btw, I love electronic music and my fav style is hardstyle so I’m open to party offers :)

Nice to meet you all!

/ federico