The Three Little Pigs and Bruce Springsteen: a fairy-tale wedding with personalized magnets

When I was a young girl I imagined that life would be a fairy tale in which on my way to my grandma's house I would find a toad which I would kiss and it would turn into Prince Charming. I would leave my life in the woods behind, I would stand the Seven Dwarfs up and would rent my giant toadstool with three bedrooms, natural light and easily accessible. We would run away to Hawaii riding on a white unicorn and we would spend the day naked on the beach, drinking coconut shakes while we enjoyed fabulous sunsets. Then, after settling in our Manhattan apartment, while we had breakfast with diamonds and cereals, my Romeo would propose to me and we would sing Abba songs barefoot in the park. It would be a wedding in Tuscany, in a beautiful villa, full of antique works of art and a huge garden leading into a vineyard decorated with fairy lights that looked like fireflies. A table on the porch, with flowers, cheeses and wine. Our lifelong friends from the woods, my in-laws from the royal palace, my girl friends from Sex and the City, the Three Little Pigs and Bruce Springsteen singing versions of the greatest hits of Italian light music.

By chance, these dreams never came true. Yes, I did kiss the toad, but rather than a prince he turned out to be a wolf. I went on living in my toadstool, I began to work as a curator in an art gallery in the woods. I met a lot of interesting people and enjoyed to the full every project. One night, at a presentation, a designer came up to me, we couldn't stop laughing. We fell in love. We shared our toadstool and one day we decided to get married. We designed our own wedding, being true to our style. We didn't have much money, but with a little creativity simple things turned out to be great ideas. We personalized fridge magnets and sent them to our family and friends. Our names, wedding date and a photo of the tree where we would celebrate our wedding. The big day was marvellous, very moving, full of funny stories and original touches. But best of all nobody missed our wedding, everyone remembered because they saw our invitation on their fridge door.

This is a micro-story of a fairy-tale wedding. Yours will be much better. Personalize every detail to your taste and make the best of every moment. Create wedding magnets, because more than an invitation they will be the best souvenir. Your can make them how you like, you have thousands of different shapes, sizes and finishes. Designing them is easy, use ouratelierto upload your photos, pictures and add the message you want. The perfect result, just like you had always dreamed.

By the way, the ending is missing: ...blablabla and they lived happily ever after! And that's the end of this micro-story ;)

/ anna