Personalised Gifts for Her – Your Guide to Make her Smile

Whether it be a girlfriend, friend, sister, mother or colleague, finding “gifts for her” can revolve around many different occasions. Sometimes, the simplest gifts can be those most treasured. For instance, a teddy bear for your little sister or a bouquet for your mother will always be appreciated. What about celebrating a holiday with your loved one like St. Valentine’s? Get her a gift that represents your love for her.

Valentine’s Day is one of the easier ones, but what about Christmas? With thousands of options to choose from it can be difficult deciding on the perfect gift. What makes it even harder is that studies show that Christmas gifts are the most appreciated and popular amongst the general population. Specifically, 52% of the public desire clothes or shoes, 50% desire something related to food or drink, 42% desire health and beauty products, and 31% desire toys and games.

But what about all those other gift occasions that require creativity and attentiveness? There are 3 main factors that influence decision making when it comes to getting the perfect gift for her: imagination, memory and attention.

  • Imagination coincides with creativity, requiring you to think outside the box and be unique – she will surely appreciate all the thought and effort put into it.
  • Memory is important when it comes to getting her a gift because if you lose track and get her the same gift as 3 years ago I can promise you that she won’t forget.
  • Attention is the most significant factor by far. Pay attention to her, the things she says, the stores she loves, the activities she enjoys. It’s the little things that matter and show her that you truly care about her.

Now, it’s easier said than done, so here are some personalised gift ideas:

Personalised Gifts for Her

Most people turn to Google and type in “personalised gifts”. But you have to ask yourself, are you looking for a gift for a girl you have feelings for? Are you looking for a special gift for your girlfriend’s birthday? Or maybe it’s for a friend and you just need some inspiration.

There are so many options out there, so the first step is to be more precise with your search.

So, how do you start?

You have to ask yourself: what makes her happy? Don’t immediately jump to a super fancy gift idea if you’re not even sure she’ll like it. Remember, sometimes being simple is better, try out some of the basic ideas and add a special touch to it like an engraving of her name on a bracelet.

Remember, most gifts will be dependent on the occasion, the status of your relationship and obviously, the girl herself.

What’s the most thoughtful gift for your girlfriend?

Well, every girl is different and no one knows your girlfriend better than you. But, don’t worry, we all struggle sometimes when it comes to giving a thoughtful gift because you want it to be perfect. The reaction you want from her is: “You remembered!”. The thing is, it doesn’t take as much effort as you think, so stop stressing and let’s get thinking!

Remember before we mentioned being simple… what’s that one perfume that she loves to wear but it’s about to run out? Or how about that clothing store she’s obsessed with? Maybe a pair of earrings she lost but never got a chance to replace? How about taking the next step in your relationship and raising a new puppy together?

The options are endless!

How about a simple gift idea for any girl?

Bouquet of Flowers

Almost every girl LOVES flowers. And even if she doesn’t, she’ll appreciate the kind gesture (as long as she didn’t specifically tell you she hates flowers, but does anyone really hate flowers?).

There are so many variations of bouquets you can style or have someone else put together a beautiful set of flowers for you. You can even get extra creative and add a heliotrope in the bouquet to convey your eternal love and devotion.

Maybe the girl you’re getting a gift for really doesn’t like flowers or you don’t want to be too “basic”, no worries, there are other bouquet options out there. Use the same idea, just instead of flowers incorporate sweets or a range of teas and coffees. This is still a great way to keep it simple but unique. And now more than ever you’ll find beautiful arrangements or you can even do it yourself!

Dinner Invitation

Invite her for a nice dinner date at her favourite restaurant or in general, any nice restaurant. This is a great option as gifts don’t always necessarily have to be ‘tangible’, they can also be a memorable experience. This also gives her a chance to feel special and get dressed up, and most importantly, to eat some good food!

Spending time together is what matters most.

Want to get even more creative? Surprise her with a homemade dinner, pour her a nice glass of wine and serve her a delicious meal. Thoughtfulness in its core is all about paying attention to the little details, never forget to show her she’s appreciated.

Make-up and Skincare

If you know your girlfriend or whichever girl it may be is into beauty care, then you can never go wrong with getting her these products. The question is, which products? Well… every girl is different but the best way to find out is by being attentive! Next time she’s doing her face routine, pay attention to what brands she’s using, take mental notes or even photos when she’s not looking.

This isn’t always guaranteed to work though, so your next best option is to get a gift card and let her choose for herself. And remember, never forget to tell her how beautiful she is!

Personalised Birthday Gifts

Never underestimate the power of a birthday gift… even if she says she doesn’t want anything, you should still get her at least something small. What’s important in this case (as with most gifts but birthdays especially) is being thoughtful! You don’t have to get her something extravagant but she would surely appreciate a personalised gift, like having her name or birthday engraved on the gift.

Are you in need urgently? You’re in luck then! Summer is right around the corner, and here are some summer-themed gift ideas that you can personalise to her liking:

Bamboo Speaker

When you think summertime, you think parties, sunny weather, outdoor activities, lounging by the pool …

If she likes any of these activities, then combining them with some great music is an ideal option for a gift. Get her a bamboo speaker that you can customise with her favourite song lyrics and a sweet happy birthday message.

Turn up the volume and enjoy!

Personalised Bamboo Speaker


Everyones loves a classic tee. T-shirts are super practical and can be used for almost every occasion, whether it be work, gym, or just relaxing at home. Spice it up a bit and personalise a nice organic cotton tee with a photo of you two, a funny saying or any cool design you want to create!

No need to struggle with being super selective about colours or implementing a complex design as today’s printing capabilities are advanced and here at Camaloon, we’re experts at bringing your creative ideas to life.

Customised T-shirt

Beach Bags

Why not take a break from the UK and travel somewhere warm and tropical? And why not get a great quality beach bag to complement your trip? So, we’re not saying you have to plan an entire trip for the two of you … but a beach bag can be an indication that you want to take a trip with her.

Don’t forget to be extra thoughtful and customise the bag specially for her.

Personalised beach bags

Eco-friendly Mugs

Is she a coffee or tea lover? No better way to treat her than by getting her an eco-friendly mug with a gift card for her favourite coffee shop slipped inside to surprise her even more! Personalise it with a cute saying like “it’s tea o’clock” and make her day with a simple, yet thoughtful gesture. Not only are you making her smile, but you’re also contributing to saving the planet with an environmentally friendly product.

Personalised eco-friendly mugs

Personalised Gifts for Sports Lovers

Today’s trend is living a healthy lifestyle, so why not gift her something within this range. Staying active and healthy is important for everyone, but if she’s someone who specifically is into sports, then you should consider getting her a sporty gift.

Yoga Mats

A simple, yet great idea for multiple reasons! You can personalise a yoga mat with her initials to ensure it never gets lost. A yoga mat can be used for so many different activities:

  • Yoga (obviously)
  • Meditation
  • At-home workouts
  • Power fitness
  • Pilates

She’ll love this personalised gift if she’s into any of the above activities!

Customised yoga mat

Tank Tops

Yes, we know, this isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking about a gift. Nevertheless, tank tops are useful and practical like t-shirts, and perfect for a sporty girl! This is perfect if you’re putting together a few items in relation to sports for her gift, and get creative and personalise it!

Personalised vest tops

Sports Bottles

If she’s into sports then make sure she’s staying hydrated everyday with a cool custom sports bottle! Besides actively engaging in sport, the bottle can be used for anything and everything really… hiking, traveling, work or home, a water bottle is essential for your sporty gift pack.

Personalised sports bottles

And why stop here? Any creative ideas you may have for personalised birthday gifts can be implemented with us at Camaloon!

Some More Unique Ideas

Creativeness, uniqueness, thoughtfulness and attentiveness together are the recipe for an amazing gift.

Gym Membership

Has she been complaining about her current gym? Is she sick of doing at-home workouts? This is a great opportunity to get her and yourself gym memberships! This is something you can do together and motivate one another to live a healthier lifestyle. Make sure it’s a great facility with various classes for her to choose from.

Personalised Wall Stickers

Now, when you think ‘stickers’ you’re probably thinking, isn’t this for kids, what kind of gift idea is this? But hold on… let us open up the sticker world to you and show you how it’s more than just a sticker.

You’re now able to personalise wall stickers and use them for whatever you want. Need motivation to achieve your goals, why not customise a sticker pack to encourage you to keep pushing through? As a gift, this is great! You can create a one-page wall sticker for example that can be customised as a calendar, quotes, photos, anything you want!

There’s no better way to show you care for her then by personalising a gift like this. At the end of the day, stickers can also just be for fun and decor in one’s room or office. Why not get her a wall sticker of a photo of you two together as a part of her present? She’ll surely love it!

Customised wall stickers

Organise a Party

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… a gift can be way more than just a product, organising a party for her is an experience she’ll never forget. What better way to make her smile than by organising a surprise party? You can get super creative here and make the theme centred around all things her. Gather all her loved ones, get some good food and drinks, and party away!

Beauty Salon Package

Now this may be basic but it’s true… Most girls love to dedicate a day to pampering themselves. Ask her friends and family for recommendations to a great beauty salon (if you don’t know of one already) and book her a session that can include her favourite beauty day things such as getting her nails done, a massage, skin treatments and more!

Activities, Hobbies & Experiences

Has she been talking about doing a specific activity for a long time? What about getting back into a certain hobby? Maybe taking a trip somewhere? This is typical but also perfect as a gift idea! Remember what we said before, listen to her and pay attention to detail, she’ll appreciate a kind gesture. So, if she wanted to take up salsa dancing, why not find a dance school for her? Did she want to destress from work, why not book a weekend getaway for the two of you? Get her to step out of her comfort zone by doing something new and exciting together!

Does she love to cook? Is she a home-body?

Consider this:

Cheffin’ it up!

Now, we’re not talking about about your typical kitchen utensils, you have to get creative and think about these main points:

  • What products for the kitchen would make her daily routine easier?
  • Has she been wanting a new kitchen-aid for a while but always says it’s too much?
  • What would be useful for her but she never got around to getting it, like cute custom cake decorations?
  • What about sparking her creativity and getting her ingredients for a dish she’s never made before?

Even a new coffee machine would be greatly appreciated. Surprise her and cook her a meal with her new kitchen products!

Personalised Products Galore:

Personalised Pouch

Stylish pouches can be used for storing small items like the make-up you’re getting her as part of her gift…

They’re super convenient and useful for organisation! Personalise it with her favourite colours and a cute quote to make her smile.

Customised toiletry cotton bag

Personalised Hamper

This has become a trend, beautifully arranged hampers filled with everything she loves, what better way to show her you care? There are many shops who offer this as a service, but you can also get creative and make it for her yourself.

Think about what she likes:

  • Her favourite food?
  • Some local specialities?
  • Make-up, skin and hair care?

Choose from the plenty of gift ideas mentioned above and put it into a personalised hamper just for her.

Personalised Photo Gifts

Personalise a gift by adding a photo on it! Whether it’s a great photo of her, a memory you share together, or just a cute puppy, personalised photo gifts are the way to go.

Today’s printing technology is so advanced that you can have almost anything printed on almost everything! Here are some ideas to get you started:

Don’t forget about Mum: Mother’s Day is Everyday

One day a year to celebrate your mother is not enough! Surprise her every now and then with a thoughtful gift.

Make her Dream come true

Mothers spend most of their motherhood ensuring their children are happy and their wishes are fulfilled, but what about their wishes? Have you ever heard your mum say “I wish i had the opportunity to …” use this to your advantage when you’re thinking about your next gift for mum!

Maybe she’s always wanted to sing on stage, why not organise a karaoke party? Or maybe she always wanted to travel to Brazil, no need to break the bank here but why not customise a mug for her and get her some great Brazilian coffee? Let your creativity shine!

Or maybe you’re drawing a blank, well fear not because there’s a great practical option:

Personalised photo mug

Let her choose

A gift card, just as for your girlfriend or friend, is a great option for your mother’s gift as well. Let her treat herself the way she wants! Besides, even if we think we really know our mother’s, sometimes it can be hard to know absolutely everything about them, so a gift card is a great option!

Smile = Success

We know that creating that perfect gift is not the easiest thing in the world. But we hope with our list of ideas you’re able to put together something special for her. At the end of the day, what matters most is to show her you care and to put a smile on her face.

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