3 ideas for custom badges that will revamp your outfits

If 2016 Paris Fashion Week has taught us one thing, it's this: custom products as accessories are officially in style! Off the back of this, we were super excited to receive an email from a customer with photos of her daily outfits decorated with - you guessed it - custom badges.

Enough coincidences, we thought, it's time to run an exposé on how to master the art of ultra-personal accessorising. So here it is, 3 simple ideas to create awesome badges to adorn your outfit of the day. Read on to see how easy it is to make unique and edgy finishing touches that are truly you.

1. Get Spring cleaning!

No need to lose sleep looking for the perfect phrase or drawing to personalise your very first accessory. Spring is in the air and it's time to revisit those old boxes and plastic bags full of your school memorabilia and old projects that you've all but forgotten about. In those back-page doodles and musings is all the gold that you could ever find to create the most authentic custom badges that tell the story of you.

2. Revisit and revamp

Minimalism is over (for the time being!) so make like a Victorian picture gallery and start filling the blank spaces of your clothes with badges! Lift all those plain bags, jackets and jerseys and pin them with little, well-crafted expressions of your own style.

3. Find your splash of colour

If you'd prefer something more subtle, add a little buzz to your outfits by finding a contrasting colour to the ones you'd typically wear or that dominate your wardrobe. Personalising a 56 mm badge in that very colour will not only reinvigorate a garment that you've worn time and time again, but also brings the fun back into dressing.

Have a blast personalising with Camaloon to easily create striking compliments for your next outfit of the day!

(Photos courtesy theshoematters)

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