Our new office

Camaloon has moved to a new office! Our team is getting bigger and bigger and eventually we needed to move out of our little squad near Sagrada Família. Now you can find us in the South of the city in the quarter called Arroba22.

Camaloon office

And this is the place

Now we start our days afresh with a view over the skyline of Barcelona. We have a lot more room to think about your designs and how they are best displayed on badges, mugs and pocket mirrors. How can we make the best out of our photo, image or drawing?

Moving to a new office also means packing up our old stuff, cleaning out the first office and carrying all our belongings to the new building. We settled in well but the first weekend was rough: We dismantled our desks and chairs, drove them through the city, bought furniture from another company and set everything up in our new 4 walls. We cleaned and painted and constructed - it was a really fun time for all of us, our friends and even family members! Soon you will see a short video about us making more room for our custom buttons, magnets, mirrors and mugs!