Surprise everyone this Xmas!

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It comes every year and we end up rushing last minute to find cute ideas and gifts for our loved ones. Sometimes it feels like mission impossible!

Some don't even sleep at night worried by the fact that they'll get to Xmas day with empty hands.

If you don't want to end up doing the same thing every year, take our advice. We have some good suggestions for your Christmas presents that will make your holidays merry and special!

So here we go:

1) Sit tight and have a look at this video we prepared for Xmas, you will find plenty of ideas in only 30 seconds. ;-)

2) Did you like it?

you probably already found some good ideas...

Let's take a closer look at it.

Use stickers for your your Xmas gifts with pictures of the recipient. It's a fun way to make sure nobody steals other people's presents! You can make round, square or even custom shape stickers. Take a look here.

If you are searching for a different gift think of custom mirrors. They come in two different sizes: 56mm or 76mm.

Pins are evergreen, they are perfect to show off this year's most popular phrase. Customise them with the image or text you want and wear them at your favourite parties this year! Here's all the options.

Fridge magnets could be original place markers for Xmas dinner!

Does anyone in your family have an iPad or iPhone or even a Macbook? Give them a special vinyl skin to decorate their devices. Find here all the products.

And remember, if you still have doubts about what you can do on Camaloon, think you can always look for amazing designs and gifts in our artwork gallery created by international artists.

Browse what we have collected for you and see if you can find something you like for your friends and family, or even for yourself!

See, you can't say we are not trying to help you out with Xmas tasks!

This Xmas, make sure you'll surprise everyone.

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