Introducing Camaloon Cases for Smartphones and tablets

Camaloon's custom Cases

Rigid or flexible, with glossy or matte finishes: Finally custom cases for Smartphones or tablets just came on Camaloon!

Why cases?

1: Protection

We all know how fragile our smartphones and tablets are. The time stops for a second each time we drop our phone off. And suddenly, we just don’t want to turn it over to see if there is any scratch, or even worse - if it’s broken. For this reason, Camaloon cases protect your device against all dangers surrounding it!

Camaloon's custom cases

2: Aesthetics

Now you know your device is protected, you must customise it! Like the other products of Camaloon, the cases are totally customisable and allow your phone being unique with an exclusive design, a picture or a text. Moreover, the colours will be brighter than ever thanks to our new printing-technic (called 3D-sublimation).

Camaloon's custom cases

3: Quality

If you already know Camaloon, you perfectly know how much we care about the quality of our products! And we will keep on telling it forever! Actually, quality is our leitmotiv, so we want you to remember it while we’re presenting you these new Smartphone cases. Doesn’t matter if you chose rigid (made with Polycarbonate – PC) or the flexible model (made with Thermoplastic polyurethane – TPU), we've chosen a long-lasting material that suits perfectly with the Sublimation 3D printing.

Camaloon's custom cases

Let’s now talk about the models!

On Camaloon you can customise your Smartphone case and your tablet case. You have the choice among hard shells or flexible cases for iPhone 4/s and 5/5s and for Samsung Galaxy S4/S5.

There is more! If you have an iPad you’re lucky because we have cases for iPad mini, iPad 2/3/4 and iPad Air.

Have a look at it: Cases models

And finally: We already got the first designs for cases created by our artists! Discover them on our SHOP. Keep tracking, because we will add new ones slowly and steadily! :)

Camaloon's Shop Cases

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